RA Character challenge

11.) A Villain You Feel Was Justified in Their Treatment of a Character

Since Heinz was the villain in his story, that would then Make Captain America the villain to him, wouldn’t it?

Heinz was stealing the secret formula that turned Captain America from a slight young man, who the Army didn’t even want because he was so sickly, into a super-human who was the epitome of health. So Captain America had every right to chase Heinz down and rough him up, like he did.

try to blend in, Heinz, running with guns drawn gives you away

Oh, Look!

Heinz heard about the Disney Princess basis for this challenge and wanted to join in!

all it takes is faith and trust and pixie dust!

Poor Heinz,

looks like he was missing that smile in his heart :/


or maybe it was the pixie dust.

where’s Tinker T(h)orin when you need him?!

you can fly! you can fly! you can fly!

5 thoughts on “Justified

  1. Interesting choice.

    I guess if we regard Guy as a villain, his treatment of the Night Watchman was entirely deserved.


    1. I was looking at it as the “character” being a RA one. so it was hard to pick a justified villain, since I’m emotionally connected to all of Richard’s characters, in one way or another :/


      1. Well in that case the intent of the writers was for us to feel that the treatment meted out to Guy by Robin Hood and Marian was justified.


        1. Robin was a spoiled, egotistical ass most of the time even though he was doing “good” and Marian kept playing with fire but finally got burned. Guy was doing “bad” things as a means to an end for achieving his personal goal (getting back the status that was taken from him) so what was good and what was bad was often turned on it’s head, which is what I liked about the show; now whether or not that was the writers intent or just my personal reaction, I don’t know.


          1. I think it’s the reaction of most adult fans, but probably not of the younger members of the audience. (Richard said his nephew shot at his character with a little bow and arrow). Whether or not this was the writers’ intent is probably hard to say at this point.

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