Trading Places

RA Character challenge

12.) A Character You Would Like to Trade Places With

Ricky Deeming

Ricky was a passionate man. Ricky had a set of values that he believed in strongly and fought for. Ricky lived the escape he felt while riding his motorcycle. He didn’t belong in society, didn’t want to, and he embraced that freedom.

Being the leader of a group that looks to you for guidance could be a blessing and a curse, I imagine, but it sure would benefit the ego! Ricky felt a responsibility to those troubled young men, it seemed like he was taking them under his wing and trying to give them a place, let them be part of something; the fulfillment factor in that would be positive.

I think I’ll pass on the sexual idolization, though 😐

but If I were Ricky Deeming,

I’d just have to accept that swooning came with the territory.

12 thoughts on “Trading Places

  1. I probably wouldn’t change places with Ricky, especially after the psycho with the blowtorch incident. This is a tough question. So many of RA’s characters have a hard row to hoe: Lucas North, John Thornton, John Porter, Philip Durrant, Guy of Gisborne, even Philip Turner, Paul Andrews. And especially Thorin and his new character in The Crucible.

    I suppose Lee in Cold Feet got out unscathed, but I would not want to be him.


    1. this was a hard one to answer :/ I picked Ricky in the end b/c I not only admire him, but his way of life wouldn’t be as much of a hardship as some of the other RA characters(Lee seems to live on easy street but my conscious wouldn’t let me act like him 😯 ). if I were Ricky though, I’d heed all of those voices telling me not to go into the garage…


      1. Being Ricky, those voices probably made him even more determined to go in.
        As Sheldon’s mom says: “He thinks he’s such a smarty pants. He’s no different from any man. You tell him not to do something —-”


        1. I love that episode! Sheldon’s mom is one of my fav characters πŸ˜€ come to think of it though, if you tell me not to do something I’ll probably do it just b/c you said not to…like when I got crowns on my whole row of front teeth (for enamel erosion, not cosmetic) and had to go to the restroom halfway through the procedure. the Dentist said not to look at my teeth in the mirror but did I listen? very traumatizing! 😯 so if someone was loudly warning me not to go into the garage, I’d go just to see what they were making a fuss about πŸ˜‰


  2. Tough decision – too many chaRActers saddled with angst, hardship and a lack of conscience. 😦
    I think I’d have to take the easy way out and choose Harry – I rather like the idea of the quiet life in a lovely little English village! πŸ™‚

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      1. I’m hopeless at maths so I wouldn’t make a very good accountant at all, but one can always have a career change. πŸ˜‰


        1. What jobs are available in Dibley, I wonder? a butcher (I’d like to keep my fingers, thanks), a baker (I need to lose weight, not gain it), a candlestick maker (I’d burn myself for sure)…


  3. I think that while you had good reasons for your choice I would choose Harry as well. I love numbers and worked in a credit dept for a while. They can be very soothing as there is always a right answer πŸ™‚


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