I Spy

RA Character challenge

13.) A Character Whose Life You Would Hate to Have

Lucas North

First, there’s his whole history of being tortured in a Russian prison for 8 years , not to mention how he continues to risk his life on a daily basis.

then, there’s that whole lying for a living deal.

Pretending to be someone else so often, always having to hide what you do for a living, not being able to honestly explain the odd hours or share your hopes & fears with someone who loves you, while being afraid to let yourself truly love anyone in return- for their own safety.

No, I would not want to be a spy.


14 thoughts on “I Spy

  1. Must agree 100% with you on this one. Any job that prevents you from sharing it with your friends and family has to be the worst. I don’t know a spy but my father had top secret clearance and often could not tell us where he was or what he was doing. Same for my first husband when he worked as an undercover detective. He would disappear for days and you’d just pray that he would make it home.


  2. I have to agree. I had a friend whose partner was an undercover detective and the strain of never knowing where he was, what he was doing, if he was coming back, whether he would be around for holidays and special occasions etc.. Got too much in the end and they split up.

    But to add to the debate, I wouldn’t want to be John Standring. Out on the cold Yorkshire moors all day with only sheep for company and then having to send those same sheep off to the abattoir – I couldn’t do that. And I wouldn’t wish falling in love with Carol on anyone.


  3. Never thought about it that way. The life of a spy looked so exciting to me. But you make a really good case. My first thought, however, was Standring, just like Bolly said. He has my sympathies for enduring so much despite being such a decent guy.


    1. I wouldn’t want to live Standring’s emotional turmoil but living in a small Yorkshire village and farming sheep out on the moors, does not sound that horrible to me. I would raise my sheep strictly for wool though…


  4. I agree — it’s a life that you could only lead if something (patriotism, duty, love of thrill?) made you think all the sacrifices (honesty to loved ones, safety) were worth it.

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        1. Now I have this image of you with a twitching eye telling your youngest, ‘No, why would I have any knowledge of how that money got under your pillow from the Tooth Fairy, a being with whom I have barely any acquaintance’.

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          1. So do I. The first two or three seasons are so brilliant. They were like a revelation to me and my nerdy/geeky friends. Our first thoughts were ‘hey, tv writers recognize that we exist!’ The second thought was a sneaking suspicion that they were basing some of Sheldon’s quirks on people we knew. Maybe even us 😀


          2. I always reverted to the lame “well, what do you think?” but I think she could feel me wavering this past year 😛 before Christmas she just bluntly asked me “seriously mom, just give it to me straight” *laughs* so I caved and answered her questions honestly. such a weight was lifted!!


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