Do’s and Don’ts

RA Character challenge

14.) A Character You Think is a Bad Role Model

Guy of Gisborne

Guy is a prime example of how not to act.

⭐ Don’t align yourself with someone as despicable as the Sheriff

⭐ Don’t force your attentions on women who don’t respect you

⭐ Don’t let spoiled outlaws get under your skin

⭐ Don’t take your frustrations out on those around you

⭐ Don’t become obsessed with outwitting shadows

⭐ Don’t let your materialistic goals consume you

⭐ you should learn how to properly fight too, something like that might come in handy for a Henchman…

⭐ Stick to your strengths: like smouldering and causing massive swoons,

because you’re oh so good at it ❤

13 thoughts on “Do’s and Don’ts

  1. LOL! Poor old Guy, he never seemed to learn, did he. Agree with your advice, even if it didn’t work with Marian – silly girl. That last gif is just indecent. 😉


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