Heil Hydra

RA Character challenge

17.) Least Favorite Voice/Accent Used By a Character

Heinz Kruger

**I have no idea what the purpose of the little cartoon insert in this vid is for but it’s the only one I could find with Heinz’s voice

I have nothing against the German accent that Richard gave Heinz, it’s not annoying or anything; most of his other accents are relatively close to his own so there isn’t a whole lot to choose from for this question!

5 thoughts on “Heil Hydra

  1. LOL. I happened to watch the five minutes that RA is in in Capt America last night – and it didn’t even occur to me he tries a German accent. I only noted his attempt at the American accent (when he introduces himself as “Jack Clement, State Department” or whatever his name is. Ttytt I wasn’t quite convinced (sorry, Mr A), and the German accent completely passed me by. Well, I guess that means I have to watch it again, and scrutinize it. Damn! 😉


  2. now I’m going to have to watch it again because I don’t even remember the American accent! it can’t be any worse then the horrendous American (or Russian) accents on Spooks though 😉


  3. I sort of thought that the American accent was supposed to be bad–in a cartoon villain pretending to be American kind of way.


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