Stalwart and True

RA Character challenge

26.) Most Interesting Story


Even though it’s a tragic story, Sparkhouse was one that kept me engaged (I liked North & South too, but you could tell where that one was going rather quickly). The puppy-love story of Carol and Andrew, how he was going off to University and all the uncertainty and fear that came with that. Been there done that, minus the abusive father and boyfriend’s disapproving parents, thank goodness! though my future MIL did try to get me to break up with her son so that he could “experience college life”.

your son needs to get drunk every weekend, why exactly?

How John, the awkward farmhand, suffered in silence with unrequited love

(my middle name in adolescence could have been “unrequited” )

I had shoes that looked like that coat. no joke.

but when the chips were down who was there? John. Full of gentleness and understanding but still with plenty of that endearing awkwardness, though it was now mixed with a mature confidence that was rather enticing.

as is that sweater. I kind of have a *thing* for it. as I do the hair & sideburns.

Roles between the former young romantics became switched, Crazy girl passed on her title to University boy when he let jealousy consume him and ruin his home life.

give it to him, John! I mean…let’s sit down and talk this through like adults *blushes*

Meanwhile John was the safe haven, stalwart and true.

Ugh! That man!

I just want to cuddle up to those awful clothes forever ❤

8 thoughts on “Stalwart and True

  1. Although at first I didn’t like the story, I’ve learned to appreciate Sparkhouse, and all because of RA and John Standring 🙂


    1. the overall story is a downer but I do like Carol and admire what she goes through, how she tries to overcome her circumstances. I also like how the small town stereotypes are revealed: the “good” son from the “good” family cracks under the pressure of the family’s hidden dysfunction, and the “undesirable” orphan laborer ends up getting the girl 😀 I would have liked to see a happier ending but I respect the fact that it wasn’t cliched


  2. Ah, yes! As far as I’m concerned, my RP hubby Standring is the noblest, kindest character Richard has played so far. I’ve never understood why the costume department thought being a sheep farmer meant he had to dress in horrible clothes but, hey, it’s Richard and we all know he’s gorgeous. The peaches looked fabulous, even in John’s utilitarian blue work overall. ;D

    I can’t watch it again, though. Wuthering Heights was never to my liking, and Sparkhouse is WAY too depressing for me, even as much as I love sweet Standring. Also, the ‘sex’ scenes make me cringe!


    1. I think they were probably spot on with the clothes they chose for John. a bachelor who was raised by his grandparents and worked on a farm in a small rural community would most likely dress in outdated, practical clothing. in my neck of the woods it would have been plaids, denims and left-over paisleys from the 1970s, so I’ll gladly take the wool sweater look instead 😛


    1. although I did have shoes like this pic (mine were cream and navy) they weren’t by choice; I turned my ankles in when I walked and had to wear corrective shoes for a few years. we couldn’t afford the snazzy ones that looked like sneakers, so I got stuck with the outdated saddle-shoes (those suckers were heavy! which only makes sense, since they had metal bars sewed into the lining) the shoes that looked like John’s coat though were off-brand sneakers that looked like high-tops but were shorter. they were in a patchwork design with colors similar to John’s coat, it was circa 1987, and they were awesome 😛


    2. For some reason, John S’s coat always reminded me of Carrie Bradshaw’s coat, after which I also lusted


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