Friday is my 1 year blogiversary. I’ve been blogging, at least twice a week-sometimes more- about Richard Armitage, for a whole year. Wow. That needs to sink in. In thinking about the past year, how I discovered Richard and why I started this blog, etc. I became a bit nostalgic and my heart came pouring out of the pen, without any permission from me! So unruly sometimes, those thoughts and feelings. They wrote a poem.

I wrote a poem about Richard Armitage.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m in this thing at a level I’ve never been before.

close up, textured blue tie


(dedicated to Richard Armitage)

The charisma, I expected

that certain kind of grace

The way an actor mystifies

using body and the face;

I did not expect the rapture

or how I’d be consumed

By those soulful, searing, searching eyes

when they found me in that room;

The secrets they kept hidden

haunted me for days

What other tales and narratives

could this raconteur convey?

Soon I found a treasure trove,

metaphors galore!

Villains, Spies, and Outcasts

awaiting at my door;

His eyes, they weaved such mystery

that voice, how it emotes!

Even the limbs drew me in

and his heart, it does devote;

The discovery was unexpected,

a fortuitous happenstance

But the symphonies he frees in me

will always find a dance.

~Kelly (kelbel75)

Eeek! I’m going to run away now…

Penny throws & burries laptop gif


53 thoughts on “Release

    1. thank you for the well-wishes and the very kind words as well, they mean a lot to me 🙂 you and I have had some rough patches, Servetus, but I’ve learned so very much from you: about blogging, about devotion to Richard, about myself and my place in this community; these lessons have been invaluable to me 😎 I’ve enjoyed our discussions and I thank you for reaching out to me when I was brand new at this, and for continuing to make me think. (I won’t thank you for corrupting my fanfic preferences though, that has not been helpful at all! 😛 )


      1. I’m on record as being opposed to the ironic use of “sorry” so I won’t apologize about the fanfic. Knowing more never hurts. I see a lot of stuff on your blog that I look at differently because of you. Keep it up.


    1. some days I just do not feel like communicating with anyone, but once I make a post and start answering the comments, it has a special way of energizing me 😀


  1. Congratulations, Kelly. On a year of blogging RA (really? Only a year? It feels so much longer to me. In a good way. I can hardly remember a time without your blog!), on being a community member who has been entertaining, supportive and upstanding, on a new blog header – and on finding such nice words. Glad you are around. ❤


    1. some days I feel like all of this is old hat to me and then other days I realize how very new I still am 😯 you’ve always had a special way of drawing me out, Guylty, from the very beginning 🙂 when you addressed me by name and wanted to know about me, not just me in relation to Richard; it helped me solidify my niche and I thank you greatly for it 😎 may we never stop learning and “admiring” like newbies! 😀


      1. Come here and let me give you a big hug! On danger of sounding like Big Mama Bear (please God, don’t let this nickname catch on!), but every single blogger is special and adds her own individual voice and style to the big choir that makes up this symphany of well-wishing. I love your niche, it’s uplifting and welcoming, and has had me think on many occasions. May it never get old, and may we always stay open to what each of the others has to say. [sermon over] ❤


  2. Congratulations for a whole year of your wonderful blog. This is an especially touching and beautifully written poem for an outstanding actor, whom we all admire so deeply. (I very well understand why then you had to run away!! LOL) Your approach to the “subject” is always unique and refreshing and time and again it’s fun to stop by, Kelly!


    1. I’m glad this continues to be a fun place to visit! I enjoy just “letting loose” and talking to all of you like I would if you were right here sitting across the table from me 😀 excuse me if I don’t offer you a beverage; I don’t drink alcohol, coffee or tea (IKR?!) and I get so confused on whether I should say Pop, Soda, Fizzy Drink or whatever :/ I always have lemonade though!


    1. who are you and why do you continue to plague me with your odd sense of humor?… 😀 there is not enough space for me to thank you properly for the support and friendship you’ve shown me in this last year (and for not dumping me completely on those days when I just can’t seem to find my marbles 😛 ) Baby, I less than three you 😀


  3. Happy anniversary and keep writing, girl. There’s good stuff here. I’m grateful to you, and all the other bloggers, who put it out there for the rest of us to consume. (Listen up for big scarfing noises in NYC vicinity.)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I don’t think I make any noticeable noises when I happen to wear a scarf but I am fashion-challenged, so maybe I’m doing it wrong? 😛 I’ll keep on writing if you keep on reading 😎


  4. Thanks for all you do. It is a tremendous commitment..both .in terms of time and energy. Those of us who lurk in the wings definitely appreciate your blog!


  5. already a year? OMG, congratulations on your anniversary… ♥♥♥ and thank you for sharing your lovely poem ::sigh:: too many feelings – gorgeous it’s all I can say 😀


  6. Hey, sweetie! Congratulations!! You KNOW how much I love your blog! You are such an original. And a poet as well? Who knew? 😀 Very lovely poem. Isn’t it amazing the creativity our man inspires? You find yourself doing things you would never have expected. Honored to be your friend and hoping you continue enjoying this crazy RAworld of ours. xx


    1. I used to write a lot of poetry in my younger years, before I had children (motherhood kills brain cells! 🙄 ) now something has to affect me greatly in order for me to sweat out a poem for it 😛 Richard is inspirational to me though 😎
      and I will continue to enjoy this crazy RAworld as long as you’re with me for the ride 🙂 you might want to drive though, I can be a bit aggressive…

      Liked by 1 person

        1. truthfully I’m probably 50/50 when it comes to being an aggressive driver or a mellow one (I wave at people who flip me off b/c it makes them madder 😛 ). I freak when I have to go through a roundabout though; do you have roundabouts in NY/NJ? I will go 5 miles out of my way to avoid a busy roundabout! when we lived in D.C., I would just drive to the nearest Metro station if I was going into the city; safer for everyone all the way around 😯 (I can’t parallel-park either)


          1. we’ve always had the bigger one downtown but now there are little ones popping up all over the place in the suburbs. people (*raises hand*) don’t know how to use them yet so it can be a bit annoying. we have a lot of 4-way stops here and the thing is, no one wants to take their turn when it’s their turn *grr* they’ll wave you on before you even stop the car and then get mad that you’re not going forward 🙄 being nice is all well and good but sometimes it throws the order of things off! then no one knows when they should go and there’s a bunch of starting and stopping in the middle of the intersection, and it’s just chaos I tell you, chaos! *laughing* so place that mentality into a roundabout…

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          2. They’ve started using roundabouts here in western NY. It’s funny because there are two that I use regularly and one seems to work quite well while the other is always confusing. I can’t tell you what the difference is other than the first one seems simpler. It seems like at four-way stops there are two kinds of drivers. Those who don’t want anyone else to have their turn and those who want everyone else to have a turn 😉

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  7. Kelbel, congratulations on your anniversary! I just found your blog a few weeks ago, but I really like it… you are very unique, always funny… I guess I just like and relate to your vibe 🙂 Thanks for the time you give to this, keep it up!


    1. when I was younger being called “unique” always seemed like an insult but now I treasure the compliment, so thank you! 😎 I’m feeling so much love right now with all of these wonderful comments! ❤ *sniffles*


      1. Oh, I know what you mean about “unique”, “interesting” can be another word like that – I mean “fresh and unlike what I find other places, so I enjoy coming back 🙂 ”
        Also important, your poem is beautiful and evocative, you are talented…. keep that up too.

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  8. Congrats on the anniversary, Kelbel! I admire you for continually finding fun and interesting things to post about, and you always make me smile with your visuals and captions, so thank you for that.


  9. Congratulations on your blogiversary! It’s amazing how fast a year goes by isn’t it? I’ve slowed down a lot on commenting everywhere lately (life in overdrive), but I really appreciate the fresh and spirited perspective you bring to the party. Here’s to many more anniversaries!


    1. thanks for the well-wishes, obscura 🙂 my husband and I are going to Scotland this summer, so as I’ve been reading over the guidebooks for Edinburgh, each time I see a mention of the Camera Obscura attraction I think of you 😛


  10. Happy 1 year blogiversary! Your funny, thoughtful posts, the captions and graphics always bring a smile to my face, especially on days when I need a laugh. I couldn’t really follow/read all the RA stuff in my inbox. In fact, yours is the only one that I do. Thanks for fueling my RA obsession! 🙂

    The poem is beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Belated congrats on your anniversary. Your site is unique and insightful and although I nearly always agree with your comments about our lovely Richard, if I find that I don’t, I still gain in my appreciation of him through you. Excellent poem, too. Hooray and thanks!


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