RA Character challenge

28.) Edge of Your Seat: the moment you found most exciting

The Hobbit: the pines

That was super duper exciting the first time that I saw it! and even though I know what’s going to happen now, it’s still exciting because I know what’s coming and look forward to it.

Ohh, look at that determination, that taste for revenge! Some joke about Thorin running down the log in slow-mo with his hair blowing in the wind, saying it’s the cliche hero moment; but it IS the hero moment… because Bilbo unexpectedly steps in and defends Thorin! Preface all of that with the Dwarves being stuck in the trees and the fire and the Wargs;

It’s just thrilling all the way around 😎


7 thoughts on “Thrilling!

    1. some people think that seeing the green screen and how a scene was filmed takes away from it somehow. I see what they’re saying, like finding out how a magic trick is performed. but for me it only adds to the wonder: *that* was the only visual he had to act against and yet he still brought forth so much presence and emotion? it gives the scene even more weight 😎

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