You Only Live Once

RA Character challenge

29.) If You Were (insert RA character here),

How Would Your Story Differ?

Harry Kennedy


Well, to begin with I wouldn’t have answered that phone call. Couldn’t he have let it go to message and then checked it immediately after his conversation with Geraldine was through? What was so important that he had to interrupt a conversation with his crush, and then hurriedly ask her out for dinner because he had someone waiting on the line? Way to make a girl feel special, Harry 🙄


The Proposal: while the rashness of it had a sweet fairytale romance feel, I would not have proposed that soon. How long had they known each other, a week? There’s following your heart and then there’s just being irresponsible.


I can look past the phone call, I’m certainly not perfect and can be unintentionally rude on occasion, and I have been known to throw all caution to the wind once in awhile because you only live once

(I cannot bring myself to say “YOLO”, it sounds like frozen yogurt)

but what I would have the hardest time with, is sitting back and letting my bride’s pushy friends take over her wedding. They are lovable and they are zany and they do have good intentions, but surely Harry knows how long Geraldine has longed for this opportunity? And if he doesn’t, at least he knows how to read his bride-to-be’s feelings, doesn’t he?

No? Hmm, I bet he would if he had dated her longer before he proposed…

but I still love you, Harry! ❤


28 thoughts on “You Only Live Once

  1. Awww, Harry. You may have made some mistakes, but it all worked out in the end. Lucky Geraldine got you for herself, at least for a while, and maybe forever, we just don’t know. If it doesn’t work out with Geraldine, maybe you would think about a trip to New York? Just asking! 😀 😀


  2. When I first watched those VoD episodes and “met” Harry, I thought it was the most dishonest performance Richard had ever given and I got angry! Seriously. Several things made me cringe. Maybe the humor doesn’t translate well across the pond. I eventually did grow fond of him, though, but I still think it’s one of his weakest performances. *ducks the flying tomatoes thrown at her*


    1. I did have a problem with some of the etiquette but the humor I was fine with. I felt Harry was very Normal, while most of Richard’s characters are far from it. I wouldn’t categorize that as a weak performance though :/


      1. I think Richard needs more practice playing comedic roles. Hopefully he’ll get that opportunity in the future. The show in general is not my cup of tea, mostly because I don’t like Geraldine as much as most of the fandom do. Maybe it’s because as a Hispanic/American I obviously come from a very different culture and the humor doesn’t translate completely. Also, I’m a religious person and some things really bothered me. So, yes, it’s hard for me to watch; nothing personal against the actors.


        1. I had to separate Geraldine from the role of religious leader in my head because her attitude towards her parishioners is not something I would approve of either 😉


    2. So nice guys are weak? In this day and age of bad boy foul mouthed celebrities, I welcome gentlemanly men like Richard Armitage–and his character Harry Kennedy. Though RA tends to choose more angsty and dramatic roles, Harry’s calm was a soothing balm for me. Cheers!

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      1. I did not say that, Grati. I have never dated a bad, rude man, nor do I ever have the desire to do so. My reasons for disliking Harry way back when are too personal to explain in here. The character wasn’t fleshed out anyway, and that wasn’t Richard’s fault.


        1. I agree that Harry was not fleshed out, he was just a prop for Geraldine. but every character in that show was pretty much a prop for Geraldine so, there you go 🙂


        2. We shall have to agree to disagree on the Dibley character of Harry Kennedy. I love his sweet soul that I found endearing–and portrayed ever so gently by Richard Armitage. But that is RA’s way, to be part of the ensemble. Yet he shines through. Hugs!


          1. Sorry, Grati, I was being honest about the initial reaction I had watching those episodes almost two years ago. My opinion has changed since then; I just don’t want to lie and pretend I always liked the episodes.


          2. No need for you to be sorry, Mujertropical,
            You have your opinion and I have my opinion–and we each shared them. That is all.

            It is unreasonable to expect that everyone with agree with each other all of the time. How boring that would be. Ha! And everyone is an individual who brings their own experiences and personalities to the mix of RA’s fans–happily so.
            Cheers! Grati ;->


  3. I cannot imagine being Harry, so bravo to you that you can.
    I would have chosen someone predictable like Lucas, or Thorin, or Guy or Ricky Deeming or Paul.
    (What I would done differently as Paul can summed up in 8 words: ‘I would have kept it in my pants’).


    1. I tried to put myself in the situation they *already* got themselves in. most of them I probably wouldn’t have changed a whole lot, or I couldn’t even be that person to begin with (Lucas, Porter, Lee). but w/Paul, sorry to say, I would have lived a lie and kept my mouth shut *cringes at self*


    1. I don’t mind the idea of John Bateman, the writers just f**ked it up! perfect opportunity for a true redemption story, but the character needed to stay alive in order to follow it through 🙄


  4. This is such fun! And for all of Harry’s adorableness, he does need your “tough love” approach. But only if the “tough” is wrapped in a soft velour exercise jacket and a nice bottle of red wine. I notice that Harry was knocking it back in the second episode. Ha!


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