I’d Watch That

RA Character challenge

(last day)

30.) What Do You Want to See From the Next RA Character?


you called me schmoopy! you’re schmoopy…no, you’re schmoopy…schmoopy!

One where he’s actually in a relationship

but not an MI-5/Spooks kind of relationship.

you’re doing it wrong

There would definitely be room

for intimacy

the heart wants what the heart wants

but also for jack-assery

and a bit of angst as well.

what is “jack..assery?”

Maybe wrap all of that up in a thriller?

like his character stumbles upon a Mob hit or something

raise those arms just a little higher…

and accidentally gets the girlfriend mixed up in it as well.

yeah, I’d watch that 😎

let me kiss it and make it all better

36 thoughts on “I’d Watch That

  1. Definitely a romance! It’s long overdue and he’s *more* than capable of delivering, in spite of his protests to the contrary, bless him!! Silly man – does he *still* not get what he does to us??? *sigh* The “romance” can be wrapped in almost any genre for me, but we badly need to see him “get the girl” in the end, for goodness sake!


          1. A big AMEN to that!! Can we send a petition to his agent/publicist/whoever that after the end of this year (we know what lies ahead of him 😦 ) and from then on, ALL his endings have to be happy?? I have a nasty feeling *that* idea would go over like the proverbial lead balloon!! I’m sure Richard himself wouldn’t go for that! 😦 But could it at least happen a few times, pretty please?


          2. it doesn’t have to be a cheesy “Vicar of Dibley” happy ending (I personally did not like that ending, but it did fit w/the tone of the story) but we’d want it to be a bit more fulfilling than Sparkhouse too πŸ˜‰

            -No Death, to each other or the romance

            Listen up, Richard! and get with the program πŸ™„ πŸ˜›


          3. I second that. About freaking time his characters got one. It’s been a decade, by my count.


          4. Happy ending would be nice–Richard being alive at the end would be even better!


      1. I’d love to see him in a romance or a comedy or a combination–I wish that Richard Curtis (“Notting Hill”, “Four Weddings, etc.”, “Vicar of Dibley”) could be persuaded to write something for him with maybe Mike Newell directing (“Enchanted April”, “Four Weddings”). Maybe to be put together by Working Title, which has such a terrific track record for great productions.


        1. I don’t see Richard going for classic romantic comedy. it would probably need to be more eccentric, like a little Indie flick or maybe crossed with another genre,etc. or those could just be my wishes πŸ˜‰


          1. Quirky or different would be good, too–not all of Working Title’s romances have gone the traditional route (has anyone seen “The Matchmaker” with Janeane Garofalo–what a hoot and one of my favorite movies).


          2. I’m very familiar w/”The Matchmaker”, one of my all-time favorites ❀ and more in line with what I meant by “eccentric”


          3. Hey, eccentric is good–I must have watched this movie at least 10 times in a row when I first discovered it. So is quirky–but I do like traditional romances as well. I would love to see him do something (anything) with Sandra Bullock, who has her own production company.


  2. It would be awesome to see him in a romance. He totally can handle a romantic lead and it would be delightful to have a happy ending.

    Kelbel, you have a talent for using gifs and making captions. I was smiling the whole way through πŸ˜€

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  3. Totally endorse “raise those arms a little higher” πŸ™‚
    I too would like some romance from the Richard with a happy ending.
    Loved this post.

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      1. yup, definitely a (famous) Woody Allen quote. Offered in response to a journalist’s question at the time about the possible inappropriateness of his relationship with his current wife.


      2. It’s been in a few movies, but afaik only in Big Bang Theory was it used to refer to love for a Muppet πŸ™‚

        (It was actually used a couple of times in BBT, but this is the one I always remember).


        1. Woody borrowed the phrase from Emily Dickinson β€œThe Heart wants what it wants – or else it does not care”.

          Perhaps she even borrowed from some earlier poet.

          However, neither of them were talking about cuddly puppets such as Richard is hugging there – or like Bert and Ernie.


        2. that was just a happy coincidence that I used it in conjunction with a Muppet πŸ™‚ I wasn’t consciously thinking that it came from Big Bang Theory either, though I do watch that show almost daily, so that’s probably why it has sneaked into my vocabulary


    1. yes, that’s why I threw in the “jack-assery and angst” πŸ˜› I do like the lovey dovey stuff but a movie filled with that would be boring. just please don’t have a girlfriend that is ridiculously stubborn, “anything you can do I can do better”. I hate those πŸ™„


  4. I think we’re all clearly of one mind, but I wonder if Richard is yet “in a season” where he no longer feels this strong need to de-emphasize his looks related to his work. He seems so pleased to be unrecognizable in his roles. I wondered if that was why he specified wanting to do anarchic comedy, to avoid being pulled into romcom. (What the heck IS anarchic comedy anyway? Is this another Brit thing?) I suspect he dreads anything that might pull him back into the “throwing pants at the window” scene….perhaps a romcom more contemporary & somewhat atypical, but still literary would work. Hmm… ideas anyone?


    1. I agree that he probably doesn’t want to go the “schmoopy” route. and Richard being Richard, it can’t have a flimsy storyline either (which is something I greatly admire in his choices)


  5. Oh yes, please, with several lovely kissing scenes like the end of N & S or tasteful bedroom scenes so we can swoon watching the gifs over and over. Storyline can be gritty or thriller-y as long as he gets some well deserved romance. Sigh…..


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