Fanvid Friday: Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You

It’s Harry today ❤

Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You by Delicate Blossom, with song by Tingsek

I seem to be having a renewal of my crush on Harry lately, so I’ve been watching this fanvid quite a bit. Not 5 seconds in and I’m smiling big each time that I watch it!

At first it just seems like a bunch of random scenes, but when the music breaks there are subtle instances of the scenes mirroring the tone or sound. During the first change between verses, Harry steps around the corner and sort of cranes his neck a bit, which goes along perfectly with that drawn out pause in the music.


What I especially like about this video, is that it’s not just a showcase of Harry alone but Geraldine too, and her reactions to him. It gives us a peek at Geraldine’s uniqueness and shows us why Harry might find her endearing,

flowers are nice but the way to my heart is through laughter

My favorite part of the video is when Harry is playfully grabbing at Geraldine in her pajamas as he sits on the arm of the couch.


It’s just such a normal thing,

that moment between them 🙂

4 thoughts on “Fanvid Friday: Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You

    1. I enjoy watching fanvids and catching all of the thought that was put into them, the choosing of certain scenes to convey a particular mood and getting that to mesh with the melody/lyrics of a song, etc. 😎


    1. I not only like the video itself but I like the song that was used as well. I’ve discovered some of my favorite songs through watching fanvids 😀


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