Fanvid Friday: Jungle Drum

Yes, it’s Harry again!

Jungle Drum, created by TeaRoseProductions

I really like how certain scenes in this video speed up, it gives a playful feel that matches the song choice. Especially in the beginning when Geraldine is shown excitedly running past her cottage and then also at the end, during the wedding scene.

The cutesy effects of hearts and whatnot (which I usually do not like) is tastefully done and adds a youthful feel. That look Geraldine gives Harry as he’s telling her about her “debt”, the way a transparent heart surrounds Harry, and then how what he’s saying seems to go along with the “kiss, kiss, kiss” of the song lyrics; it’s the fun touches like that which make this video so enjoyable to me.

Plus, Harry does make my heart beat like a Jungle Drum 😉

7 thoughts on “Fanvid Friday: Jungle Drum

  1. Thank you for sharing this video. I hadn’t seen it before and I really enjoyed watching it. I don’t usually care for “cutesy” additions either but I agree that in this case they work. Harry is so lovely, isn’t he?

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  2. Sweet – I hadn’t seen this before. Great fun.
    And whoa – I go away for a week and when I return you have redecorated your home (blog). Aw, now it doesn’t match the RAPS anymore 😉


    1. I still have the autumn path somewhere 😉 I’ve been trying out a few different looks lately. I think I’m finally happy with this one. it has a classic look that I really like and I’ve always enjoyed the symbolism of paths 🙂


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