Fanvid Friday: Lullaby

Lullaby, created by Delicate Blossom and sung by the Dixie Chicks is a nice, soothing multi-character fanvid that I turn to often when I need a smile.

Having Harry and John Standring together in the same video is a treat for me, as you can imagine, but to then add in John Thornton, Monet, Paul Andrews, and Guy, etc. makes this vid really enjoyable! The melody of the song is really nice and when you add in the lyrics, there is a relevance there for a lot of RA fans.

I especially like how the line “life began when I saw your face, and I hear your laugh like a serenade” is illustrated by glimpses of Harry and John Standring. Even though I prefer pre-haircut Standring, that smile goes straight to the heart!

At around the :50 mark though, that soft look of John Thornton’s gives it a run for it’s money! As with all of the fanvids that I like, I enjoy the scenes that are chosen to accompany the lyrics in certain spots. For example:

“How long do you want to be loved? is forever enough, is forever enough?”

first with Harry and Geraldine holding hands on their walk, and then later on when we see Guy kneeling down to propose to Marian.

I appreciate the bedroom scenes chosen too. The ones with Paul convey the closeness and safety between a couple, even when they’re having problems. And Monet is playful, smiling that sweet smile of new love.

This video makes me feel all sappy and happy! I’m going to go watch it again…

and again…and again.

“cause I’m never, never giving you up”

7 thoughts on “Fanvid Friday: Lullaby

  1. At first I thought the lullaby vibe wasn’t going to work – but it really does 🙂 They did do a great job matching up the shots with the lyrics – thanks for sharing.


    1. the lyrics are actually about a child, but the words can work in other circumstances too. that’s what’s so cool about lyrics, they speak to different people in completely different ways 🙂

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