Fanvid Friday: Feeling Good

A John Mulligan/Guy of Gisborne vid by Elvira Sweeney

I like Guy, don’t get me wrong,

but I watch this one mainly for Mulligan.

My favorite parts:

-Mulligan tilts head back at the :25 mark

-Mulligan eyebrow raise at 1:21

-Mulligan raises arms in kitchen 1:4o

and all of Guy’s smirks…


12 thoughts on “Fanvid Friday: Feeling Good

  1. loislanelove says:

    I LOVE John Mulligan too! He was bad yes, and no hero but the emotions and feelings were very real. RA did a great job. Thanks for this Kelbel. Nice new layout to the site as well 🙂


    • SH says:

      I have to say – John Mulligan is an extremely hot character! I just watched Moving On a week or two ago, and he has so much animal going on….. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fanvid for him, so thanks for that Kel 🙂

      See, I thought John actually had feelings for Ellie, but then I could not figure out why he stuck her with the drugs in the luggage….. did I miss something? (It’s quite possible.) Or is that just him, that he would care about her (in his way) and still make her his mule?? Thoughts?


  2. linda60 says:

    …..ahhhh, one of my favourites’. I do have a soft spot for irresistible Mulligan (Fish’n’Chips anytime!!) I know… quite questionable! 🙂 Thanks Kelbel!


  3. That last scene in Moving On is one of Richard Armitage’s finest acting moments. Thanks for reminding me of that fan vid. I love the scenes Elvira chose and Adam Lambert’s vocals are amazing!


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