Fanvid Friday: Feeling Good

A John Mulligan/Guy of Gisborne vid by Elvira Sweeney

I like Guy, don’t get me wrong,

but I watch this one mainly for Mulligan.

My favorite parts:

-Mulligan tilts head back at the :25 mark

-Mulligan eyebrow raise at 1:21

-Mulligan raises arms in kitchen 1:4o

and all of Guy’s smirks…

12 thoughts on “Fanvid Friday: Feeling Good

  1. I LOVE John Mulligan too! He was bad yes, and no hero but the emotions and feelings were very real. RA did a great job. Thanks for this Kelbel. Nice new layout to the site as well πŸ™‚


    1. I have to say – John Mulligan is an extremely hot character! I just watched Moving On a week or two ago, and he has so much animal going on….. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fanvid for him, so thanks for that Kel πŸ™‚

      See, I thought John actually had feelings for Ellie, but then I could not figure out why he stuck her with the drugs in the luggage….. did I miss something? (It’s quite possible.) Or is that just him, that he would care about her (in his way) and still make her his mule?? Thoughts?


  2. …..ahhhh, one of my favourites’. I do have a soft spot for irresistible Mulligan (Fish’n’Chips anytime!!) I know… quite questionable! πŸ™‚ Thanks Kelbel!


  3. That last scene in Moving On is one of Richard Armitage’s finest acting moments. Thanks for reminding me of that fan vid. I love the scenes Elvira chose and Adam Lambert’s vocals are amazing!


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