Stage Door: dos and don’ts

After rereading my blog post yesterday I feel I may have come off as too unaffected in regards to wanting to attend The Crucible or standing in line afterwards at the Stage Door.
Sheriff cuts toenails while Gisborne looks on
all stage doors are lepers
Truthfully, my husband got sick of hearing me whine about how I wish I could go to the play and me trying to sell him on the storyline. He made the big mistake of saying he thought it sounded like a good idea but when he checked into changing our flight plans, since we would be nearby for vacation, it was going to cost too much money. Why did he tell me that?! The next several weeks consisted of me trying to come up with every possible option that would work within our budget.
Standring thumbs up gif
good news: they’ll take the kidney!

I’ve (almost) come to terms with the fact that I won’t be attending The Crucible. That doesn’t mean I can’t be equally excited for viewing Into the Storm when it arrives in cinemas. And I am kind of crushing on Gary Morris. It may have something to do with all the wet clothes.

ITS cast looks towards sky

Now my good friend MarieAstra has a ticket to attend The Crucible and will be waiting in one of those long lines to meet Richard. I don’t want her (or anyone else) to think that I’m turning my nose up at that experience. I’m brave in many ways, but meeting Richard at the Stage Door is not one of them.
Thorin backs into shadows gif
So confession #2:
as much as I say I would not wait at the stage door, I sure do fantasize about it a lot…

Lucas "okay baby?"
This map is full of lies! *blinks back frustrated tears* can you help me?

Marie is old hat at the stage door thing, she’s met and conversed with Hugh Jackman, after all. But knowing that she’s a fellow daydreamer too, I thought I’d help her out and share what I’ve learned about this experience from my daydreams. Here are my Dos and Don’ts:


⭐ don’t tell Richard a joke. it will fall flat, trust me. especially if it’s my Bear joke

flat Guy
⭐ don’t take a selfie. you will drop the camera. and RA fans, being kindhearted, will try to “help”. what will ensue is disastrous

Ultimate Force Rugby gif
*cue Benny Hill theme song*


⭐ do subtly lean into Richard while posing for the pic

Guy and Marian "come closer" gif

⭐ don’t be shy, stare into those eyes intently!

Guy looks into your eyes gif
*looses all coherent thought*

⭐ don’t smell him. it will turn weird rather quickly

Sheriff leans over Gisborne's shoulder
⭐ do try not to laugh at everything he says. try hard.

Thorin and Dwalin conspire
should I be frightened?

⭐ if you have an odd laugh, do try to control that too

Lucas warily looks at Genevieve
I’m not sure what that was, but please stop

⭐ don’t worry about your turn taking too long. those other bitches can wait.

Gisborne flips hair gif
⭐ do reign in your charm. Richard is waiting for the day I will sweep him off his feet (in a purely platonic BFF way, of course), it would be cruel to tempt him before that time comes.

Guy sweetly touches Meg's face gif
she’s my soulmate, Marie. I must wait for her, please understand
don’t tell him I’m a dork.
he already knows.

Popcorn Taxi "...yeah" gif


28 thoughts on “Stage Door: dos and don’ts

  1. Oh my darling friend, Kelly!! I love this post beyond the beyond!! So hilarious!! Point taken. I will try my best to reign in my charm, but…. no promises….I will get you an autograph or a poster or something if I get the chance. It might take a while to get it to you, since, of course, once RA meets me we will run away together to some exotic locale…… You know how it goes. 😀 😀

    Liked by 3 people

      1. So…. this is how it is. We are going to be tortured by your emotional biofeedback bond (or whatever the heck it is) with Richard from now on. This means war, girlfriend…..:D 😛 !!!
        (Note to self: never try to read Kelly’s blog at work again, if someone walks by they will see me trying to hold back the loling & it’s all over. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. If it makes you feel more confident, Marie, when RA came out to greet fans after the show at 92Y, I was so nervous that I dropped my papers all over the floor. He picked them up for me and one of our fellow fans took a photo and put it on Facebook. You can’t embarrass yourself worse than I did.

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  3. Having stood near or walked past a number of those meet n greet corrals when I lived in NYC my biggest piece of advice would be DON’T LOOK DESPERATE. I had thought that maybe juuust maybe I would wait to meet Alan Rickman just for the shot of hearing him say my name in that voice of his, and then some guy nearly knocked me to the ground jumping over one of the barricades to get to one of the other barricades with fewer people. I looked around and everyone had these looks on their faces like they really *really* had to pee, but there was only one bathroom left in the world. I decided that if I was ever to meet the great Rickman I didn’t want it to be like that.

    Seriously, you know her voice was shrill and desperate. You don’t want him to remember you that way…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ‘I looked around and everyone had these looks on their faces like they really *really* had to pee, but there was only one bathroom left in the world. ‘
      This is brilliant! 😀


  4. As we all can see, queueing up with you in a line could and would turn out as a most entertaining venture, calling forth the best of your (and our!) inner bitches’ creativity…… Whoa, it’s a pity that you (and we!) are all kept from witnessing, how you fully unfold your potentials when actually faced with a certain miracle called RA….
    Kelbel, this is a cracking good post! Really, can’t recompose myself a bit (thinking of you dorks 😛 )
    BTW Guy tossing his long mane makes me weak in my knees!!! Always!!!


  5. I´ll be in London in September and got tickets for one of the last performances. My husband says he´ll wait outside the stage door with me, but like you, I´m not courageous enough!!


    1. oh! I forgot to factor in the whole “husband being there too” into my daydreams. my husband would probably be annoyed, which would just make me even more nervous! is there a pub across the street or something? 😉


    1. all of my fangirling is virtual, so my husband just pretends like it doesn’t exist. if I started attending red carpets and collecting selfies though, I don’t know what he’d do! I hate crowds, standing in line, and having my picture taken, so obviously it would be an imposter…but if she cooks him meals, and has his laundry folded and ironed in a timely manner, he’d probably happily keep her 😛


    1. thank you so much for posting that here! (I hadn’t seen it yet) first of all: he was too cute when he recognized her ❤ and the tribute feel to the vid was very nice, I liked it a lot. not to mention seeing a peek at the "process" of attending the play. but you see how emotional she was during/after? that is what I'm talking about when I say the storyline would be a heavy weight for me, I would be crying, no doubt. and the way Richard has to zip through and just blindly sign autographs. it says such positive things about him that he's willing to do that after every performance but as a fan who would work themselves up into a frenzy in anxious anticipation, I would want more than that. so me and my selfishness should probably just avoid that scenario :/


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