Fanvid Friday: Romantic Moments

Romantic Moments Valentine Video by Angela Smith

After yesterday’s Esquire video, I almost forgot what day it was. I even forgot to eat dinner! So I asked my daughter to make something for me, she made me an ice-cream sundae. vanilla not chocolate ๐Ÿ˜‰

This video was a nice way to come down off my high and become grounded again. Grounded by the reminder of what Richard does so well, how he infuses life into each and every one of his characters. The music chosen for this fanvid is soothing and helps set the perfect mood for the romantic scenes chosen. There is a nice balance of talking parts and silent parts as well.

I especially like that Alec Track was included in this montage, because he’s not often thought of as romantic. I like his confident step as he walks up to kiss Jane in the street, and then you can hear the lament in his voice later on when he says that he thought he had lost her.

And, of course, there is Mr. Thornton.

I will always look back at you, Sir.

always โค

6 thoughts on “Fanvid Friday: Romantic Moments

  1. I almost messaged you to ask for a Fanvid. I am officially obsessed and this did exactly what you said. It helped to remind me of all the characters and how much he puts into each of them. The music was soothing too and I was surprised that I liked the mix of voice and music. I feel a little more sane now. No more of the Esquire video tonight. I’m going to sign off and keep the feeling you just provided so wisely.

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  2. I’ve been missing fanvid Friday??? I’ll be here every week! If there’s one thing I’ve collected most of RA; it’s fanvids. Never attempted to make one myself though probably never will since I learned how time consuming and high the fail rate is.


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