Over the Sea to Skye

My Scotland Adventure: days 5, 6, and 7

Skye from ferry

With the wretched curse being broken on day 4, we experienced a wonderful two days on the Isle of Skye before crossing back over to the mainland and winding our way down through Glencoe, to arrive back in Edinburgh.

Glencoe vista
Jamie Fraser was nowhere to be found, sadly

Our first day on the Isle of Skye was packed to the brim with beautiful sights! In the cool misty morning we stopped at a picture-perfect waterfall

early morning waterfall

and drove past the iconic Old Man of Storr rock formation. It has many legends attached to it but our guide told us that it was thought to represent an old man (standing) and his wife (sitting) who made a deal with those trickster faeries and were turned into stone.

misty Old Man of Storr

We visited a prehistoric Broch that was located just off the side of the road

in a sheep pasture.

climbing to the Broch

Remember my fear of heights?

I was feeling a little shaky up on that hill!

view from Broch
that little blue rectangle is our bus

there was honest to goodness scottish thistle all around though,

so it was worth it.

clumps of scottish thistle

Historic Dunvegan Castle, with it’s many strollable gardens, proved enjoyable.

Dunvegan castle

My husband took a boat tour of some surrounding islands to view the seals. I thought that riding in a small motorized boat that only seated 8 people was just taunting our recent bad luck, so I declined.

baby seal
isn’t he adorable though?

The bridges and surrounding mountain views at Sligachan were lovely and one of my favorite stops of the trip.

stone bridges

We ended the day at our home-base of Portree, with enough time to grab dinner and wander around the picturesque port town.


The next day we took a ferry back over to the mainland. I had much more confidence in that boat…

ferry ride

and then we hopped on a steam train that took us to Fort William.

train winds over viaduct

We couldn’t resist sneaking into the first class compartments and pretending we were on our way to Hogwarts.

Hogwarts, 1st class

We then experienced unforgettable Glencoe

magestic Glencoe

before arriving back at our starting point.

Firth of Forth bridge

Our last day was spent exploring Edinburgh itself

curved streets of Edinburgh

and wandering around the base of Arthur’s Seat. We climbed the first little bit up to the ruins of the old chapel but after our last few busy days, I did not have the energy to attempt going higher.

Arthur's Seat

Oh well, there’s always next time!

foreground thistle


15 thoughts on “Over the Sea to Skye

  1. Such wonderful pictures! Thank you!! Made me quite homesick even though I’m hoping to be there in September! Looking at your link to the Broch I was thrilled to see a picture of the one in Glenelg. Friends of ours lived across the road from it so it’s a familiar sight for me. I’m also hoping to see more of Skye than I have up till now, even though we lived close by on the Mainland.


    1. it’s taken me this long to realize that your username might be a Gaelic word. if I’m understanding correctly it’s essentially a dig at yourself for being a backwoods gal, correct? I knew I liked you πŸ˜‰


      1. I’m actually a city girl from the North East of Scotland but a wanna be Highlander for sure as we lived in a couple of beautiful villages on the West Coast. I kick myself now that I didn’t learn Gaelic while we were there. 😦 I love all things Celtic, especially the music. And yes! It is a dig at myself, but I don’t mind being called that at all! πŸ˜€


        1. I should have said the North West Coast so actually in the Highlands! Such a scenic area. If you are familiar with the series “Hamish Macbeth” TV series it was filmed in one of the villages we lived in. If not, check out some of the pictures!


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