Say What?

I’ve been asked a few different times how I come up with the captions that appear under the images in my posts. Usually it’s just a matter of picture association, whatever comes to mind. That’s a boring answer, so I’ve decided to give you a peek into my “process” by using my recent Into the Storm review to illustrate.

open wider, I can’t see your wit from here

I like to break my paragraphs up with images, so I write out what I want to say (using those prehistoric things called “pen” and “paper”) then go back through and make a note of what kind of image I want to insert for each break. Sometimes I’ll have a specific gif or screen-cap already in mind, while other times it’s just a mood that I’m looking for. In the writing of the ITS post it was the latter, which meant I would have to rely on Google images because I don’t have that many ITS images saved yet.

I have this, why do I need anything else?

In the first paragraph, I end with the claim that the movie didn’t scare me. much. So I thought about what scene I found the most frightening. It was the High School hallway at the beginning of the movie. How many times in my youth did I moan and groan during tornado drills? Sitting/kneeling in the school hallway, facing towards the wall or away from it-depending on what the statistics deemed was safest that year, with a large battered text book over my head. Ugh. If I had only seen what a real tornado could do to a school hallway, I would have practiced those drills gladly! After finding a picture of that scene, I transferred the sentiment into the caption:

instead of sitting in uncomfortable positions for eternities during tornado drills, just show this scene instead. mission accomplished!

Donnie pulling at my heartstrings was the subject I wanted to highlight for the next paragraph. I searched for a good screen capture of the character and then was just simply honest about my growing interest in Max Deacon:

I feel a secondary crush forming, watch out Max…

I initially had the family hug in the rain scene in mind for the next break but while looking through images, I found one of Trey and Donnie together that I really liked. I chose to plug that picture in here, but I was having a difficult time coming up with a caption. Trey and Donnie are talking to each other, which is the perfect opportunity for me to insert in a smart-ass comment about their dad, but my mind was blank. I tried to get inside their heads, thinking of things I might have said about my own dad at that age. Thus the reference to the Fresh Prince, because Parents Just Don’t Understand…

every parents fear: that the Fresh Prince was actually singing about them.

I needed an image that illustrated a lull in the storm for the next paragraph. When I saw Gary with a dog, I just had to use it! because: Armitage dog vs. cat debate. A cat will hide for days after a scare, while a dog will put itself right back in the same situation. Since there are no cats wandering around the streets, I think that’s a clue that the danger hasn’t passed yet:

the cats are still hiding. just saying.

The next paragraph was about being star-struck by the storm; I searched for an image that fit that idea. Sarah Wayne Callies previously starred in The Walking Dead, so I worked in a tagline from the series, “don’t look back”:

Lori, will you never learn? don’t look back!

I wanted a screen-cap of Jeremy Sumpter for the next part. I was surprised to learn during promos that he was in a version of Peter Pan that my kids used to watch. Mom often urged them to watch the movie because she found that particular version of Peter oddly enticing but didn’t want to admit this out loud, because Peter was a child and that would be creepy. Anyways… when I saw Jeremy’s “moment” in Into the Storm at the cinema, I couldn’t help the several smart-ass comments about Pixie Dust that ran through my head. I didn’t want to spoil that part of the movie in my review though, so I chose to modify a Peter Pan quote instead:

I do believe in tornadoes. I do! I do!

The Titus is a bad-ass vehicle. Who else likes to drive bad-ass vehicles? Batman.done.

The Titus: Batman’s “every day” car.

The Scene of the school buses driving away from the very large and very menacing tornado was another picture that I saved while looking for other things. I think the image is eerily beautiful and was the second scariest scene for me from the movie. When I mentioned Shakespeare, I knew my caption should be a verse or quote. “To be or not to be” is one of the most famous. They’re all fleeing from the tornado…

to flee or not to flee: that is the question

The last image I needed was of someone from the movie looking scared or shocked. When I saw the picture of Nathan/Trey with camera in hand, I immediately thought of his ICarly character. The villains on that show were Neville (who is utterly enjoyable) and Nora:

scarier than Neville and Nora combined!

And that’s that. This is how I put together a post, often changing half the text and sometimes even the whole focus as I’m typing it into the blog πŸ˜›

Genius cannot be forced.

**It saddens me to report the sudden passing of my “Armitage Army cannot keep calm” pen while writing this post. It served me well.

your ink made my sarcasm sweeter

12 thoughts on “Say What?

  1. That was a really interesting insight in your blogging process, Kel. Well, I was one of the people who keeps asking about how you come up with your posts, so I guess you have made this customer happy *ggg*, Mind you, you haven’t yet explained where your wit comes from. But well, that might be a bit too private for a blog post.
    As for the demise of the Armitage Army pen: WHOT?????? What kind of shoddy piece of equipment is that? Where did it break, how did it break? Do I need to complain to the manufacturer?


    1. you were the inspiration for this post, not only b/c you recently asked about the captions but also b/c I enjoy when you write posts about your process too πŸ™‚ I’m not sure how one can explain where wit comes from. years of observing and staying quiet until all the inner dialogue just burst forth under pressure? as for the pen, it just simply ran out of ink. because I’m a wordy bitch πŸ˜‰


      1. I enjoyed this insight into your process…. As G said, still mysterious though! As the great John Legend said – “Where would I be without your smart mouth?” πŸ˜€ Thanks as always, and keep it up!


          1. Oh, it’s good & intended as a compliment- you know it’s the 1st line of that ultimate song, right?? Legend wrote it for his (now) wife, so he meant it as a compliment too, I’m sure.

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Emerging from observer status to say that I loved reading about your process just as much as I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for the joy they bring!


    1. thank you for braving the great wide open in order to share that thought! knowing that I can spread a little joy around just by being me is a very good feeling πŸ™‚


    1. you guys are swelling my ego to epic proportions! I’m going to be strutting around, humming “staying alive”, while telling Knock-Knock jokes to random strangers. and it will all be your fault…


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