Black Seems to Suit Me

Music & More Challenge

2.) favorite interview of all time

I adore this interview! Richard’s answers are interesting in their detail but we’re also given a glimpse of that cheeky dry sense of humor too (The Lucas North look doesn’t hurt either). We start off with cuteness right out of the gate when Richard is trying to answer a question about always wearing black, only to realize that he is currently wearing black. That laugh is genuine and carefree, and I love it! I have to snicker to myself when he clarifies the question author’s name because I don’t think he realizes it’s a username. I could be mistaken, Dreamer would be a cool name to have. The quiz I just took said if my parents were more hippie they would have named me Luna.

“your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries”

I like his answers about Guy being a damaged soul and that he feels defensive of him. It shows how connected Richard feels to the character even though, as he says, he doesn’t always agree with everything Guy does. His reactions to the question concerning what part of Guy is the hardest to play is enjoyable too. The question starts out saying that Guy has a brooding anger about him, which causes Richard to give a side-eyed look. What? you’ve never heard the term brooding before? you better get used to it.

I knew I should have bought that joke book

and then after the question goes on, Richard’s eyes widen and he gives a laughing sound at the heaviness of it. He answers it wonderfully though by explaining the humiliation that Guy regularly goes through at the hands of the Sheriff. The next part is my absolute favorite. First, to hear him say “placated” (I don’t know why I like to hear him say that) and then second, for his dry delivery of saying he can use the action-figure horse to practice his horse-riding skills. So funny! I laugh loudly every time I see it. The last question is fun too: the mouth movements while he’s “thinking” and then not only his actual answer and how he laughs at himself, but you can clearly see the moment that answer popped into his head but he still had to act like he was thinking about it and set it up for delivery. Richard teases well.



and now the Music Challenge question:

your favorite song of all time: Won’t Go Home Without You by Maroon 5

the taste of her breath, I’ll never get over

the noises that she made kept me awake

I find that line sensual and romantic.

And then:

the weight of the things, remained unspoken

built up so much it crushed us everyday

incredibly realistic.

11 thoughts on “Black Seems to Suit Me

      1. well, it does look more posable than a regular action figure type horse, so that could make it “super” posable…I hope he never stops making up his own words, I find it incredibly endearing 🙂


  1. What always gets me about this interview is how he repeats the question as part of his answer, rather than just jumping right into it. It makes me wonder every time whether he was asked to do that by the producer, or whether he is just thoughtful and realizes that someone is going to cut and edit the interview afterwards, and by answering in full sentences he is making it easier for them. Well, I may be overthinking it all, but it’s certainly something that stands out… Plus, I love his bit about “black suits him best” (cos I agree). Only one niggle, Richie: Black is not a colour *ggg*
    Nice post – and thanks for getting us to look at an old piece of footage again. Much enjoyable!


    1. “Hey Richard, why do you prefer clothes that are devoid of light?” just doesn’t roll off the tongue as well 😉 the repeating of the questions before he answers them is probably just manners. I guess it could also be a way to focus, like repeating someone’s name before you address them? which I should really do because I’m horrible with names!


        1. so cynical 😛 I meant he’s either just using good manners, as in repeating the question before he answers, or saying it aloud to help him better form his thoughts for an answer 🙂


  2. I I like this interview because it includes the phrase ‘super-poseable horse’. I have been wondering where I heard that expression and now I can link it.


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