Ordinarily Beautiful

Music & More Challenge

4.) favorite candid photo

-jean clad legs


-relaxed posture

-open shirt

-Lucas North jacket

-slightly tired look

-damp hair

-on an electronic device.

I could easily imagine this being in any living room, except mine. Those polka-dot throw pillows are not really my style; they make me want to connect all the dots! When I was young my cousin used to play connect-the-dots on my arms because I have so many moles 🙄

and now the Music question:

another top 5 song (different from questions 1 or 2)

We Must Be Crazy by Milow

“it’s a long life to live and I’m learning how to forgive myself for all the things I did. We are ordinarily beautiful, open to be ridiculed, common as the grass that grows so slow.”

I’ve become personally connected to this song, even including some of the lyrics in a certain letter recently…I prefer the lyric video I linked here instead of the official video though, not only because the focus is an ongoing road- which is a form of path- but also because the official video is sad and freaky (it’s about a mechanical baby that was built in response to a miscarriage). The video haunted me for weeks, I even lost sleep over it 😯

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