Appreciation is Key

Music & More Challenge

6.) RA fandom fanfiction that you’ve read the most times

anything Sparkhouse

yeah, that’s not exactly an answer but it’s true! I’ve read the Sparkhouse stories the most, with Guy of Gisborne following close behind. Even though they are different stories in different settings, they both hold something in common for me: I like when John/Guy are finally appreciated for who they are.

but she likes my hair, and my sweater too

Most of the Sparkhouse stories start off following a showdown with Andrew. Some of them save him from his demise, some taking Lisa out of the equation completely (I like Lisa, so I’m not always a fan of this approach) but all of them have Carol or another female love interest appreciating John’s loyal and understanding nature. I like No More Ghosts by womblingfree1 the best in this regard. It shows the gentle turning of Carol’s heart over time.

let me tell you about this thing I just discovered called fanfic…

In the Guy of Gisborne universe I like when Marian or another female love interest realizes that Guy not only has deep rooted reasons for behaving the way that he does but that he’s working towards something, not just being a cold-hearted bastard for the fun of it. My favorite in this regard is Grant What I Wish by kleindog. Marian goes through her own form of redemption before helping Guy with his and, again, it’s more of a subtle awakening and appreciation over time.

this pic is like a fanfic all on it’s own *swoon*

and the Music question:

the song with the highest play count on your mp3 player

A Stranger Song by Bobby Long

does your heart beat so softly without warning?

does it beat out to the slow pace of the morning?

I love that line, so poetic.

7 thoughts on “Appreciation is Key

    1. I’ve not read much fanfic lately either. I went crazy when I first joined this fandom and gobbled up a bunch of fanfic but then I backed off a bit. I’ll follow an updating story every now and then (Manna from Heaven is what I’m reading now) but I mostly just randomly click on suggestions and skim through them, choosing to read one all the way through every so often 🙂


  1. I read “No More Ghosts” a little earlier this evening and now I am caught up in “Grant What I Wish” and can’t stop reading. Darn, they are so good I am going to be so tired at work tomorrow! I absolutely loved the Sparkhouse one…she caught the characters perfectly, even Lisa. (John Stranding is so adorable…I love that character). Thanks for your post tonight!


    1. I’m so glad you’re liking them! “No More Ghosts” is enjoyable to read because it happens in a plausible way. not only are the characters captured perfectly but their resolution is a gradual, solid one. and I like Marian’s backstory in “Grant What I Wish” because it’s different than the norm but fits into the storyline well.


  2. I love how strict the parameters for any believable Sparkhouse story are — it means that the stories tend to be pretty creative.


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