The Eye…brows Have it

Music & More Challenge

8.) favorite facial expression

raised eyebrows


Whether they’re in reaction

to something


or just used to convey

a certain mood


I really

can’t resist them!


Whether they’re

used on purpose


or are

more subtle


they make me feel

all giddy and


yes, exactly!



music question

another top 5 favorite song: Long May You Run by Neil Young

I think it’s sweet how the car becomes a person in this song. He’s remembering fun times they had together. The whimsy of comparing a car to a person makes me smile but then the feelings behind the memories takes me back to the different cars in my life that have made so many of my memories possible.

Well, it was
back in Blind River in 1962
When I last saw you alive
But we missed that shift
on the long decline
Long may you run.

and how difficult it can be to

say good-bye to a car sometimes.

14 thoughts on “The Eye…brows Have it

  1. Oh yes, the eyebrows do have it! You picked great examples of how expressive they can be. I also like when he just raises one… like in the Audible promo. Great job!


          1. I know I’m older than you but I spent a lot of time doing the exact same things. I could stand on my head for an hour. I sometimes wonder if that is part of the reason I have neck problems today. Loved the hula hoop πŸ™‚


          2. I spent a lot of time going in circles when I was young: riding my bike around in the garage, skateboarding around and around our half basketball court, spinning myself around until I fell over and rolled down the hill…and now I get motion sickness very easily. I turn around in a circle twice and I’m dizzy. I think I knocked something loose as a kid πŸ™„

            Liked by 1 person

        1. I can only raise my right eyebrow (by itself anyway πŸ™‚ ….. to raise my left one, I have to do something really odd with my left upper lip, so I don’t think it counts, lol!


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