Fanvid Friday: Pieces

Pieces, Guy of Gisborne, by mccpepper

I think this is the first RA fandom fanvid that I bookmarked and watched repeatedly. I only had a vague idea at that time who the character of Guy was and what story surrounded him, but this video was so beautiful that it didn’t matter if I understood the storyline completely or not.

It opens with those lovely piano chords and how it marks different emotional moments in Guy’s past each time those keys are pressed down so precisely. The piano rolls into a melody as scenes pass by, then the guitar breaks in as Guy wanders through the woods, scared and on guard.


Next come the lyric/image match-ups that I always enjoy so much:

“I’ve lost so much along the way”- Marian dying in Guy’s arms

“Then I see your face and I know I’m finally yours”- faces of the important women in his life: Meg, Marian, Isabella

I come to you in pieces, so you can make me whole


The melody starts to change and we see Guy comforting Marian, then it speeds up and we sporadically see scenes of Guy fighting and getting physically hurt. It climaxes with the Sheriff slapping him

I tried so hard

We end with the death scene, interspersed with happy memories, as Marian moves through the woods towards Guy (I really like how this is reworked so that it pertains to Guy instead of Robin). She reaches out her hand

you call my name, I come to you in pieces

(Marian, the love of my life)

so you can make me whole


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