What’s My Line?

Music & More Challenge

13.) a quote from your favorite interview

from the BBC America interview promoting Robin Hood, when asked how Richard felt about playing Guy:

I really like playing Guy. I think there’s a bit of a damaged soul there that has some salvation. I don’t admire everything that he does but I have learnt to understand him. I’m quite defensive of Guy, actually.


music question: a song by your favorite band

Cleaning Windows by Van Morrison

I like the “working man” focus of this song. The lyrics are just a simple explanation of his day, all the little details about what he did, what he saw, what he ate, etc. and it’s done in such a non-lyrical format. Then the chorus hits you with melody while it brings home the subject matter: this is a working man performing a menial job but it’s his life and he’s proud of it. I love that sentiment. My dad always told me that it doesn’t matter what you do in life, just give it the best you’ve got and be proud that it’s yours.

What’s my line?
I’m happy cleaning windows
Take my time
I’ll see you when my love grows
Baby don’t let it slide
I’m a working man in my prime
Cleaning windows

2 thoughts on “What’s My Line?

  1. Aw, Guy and an Irish musician – lots for me to love here.
    I really liked that interview with RA, too, and the fact that he was quite understanding of Guy. I suspect that it was due to his deep examination with that character that Guy gained in importance (and depth) in the show. Good man.


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