Too Good to Be True

Music & More Challenge

14.) the first photoshoot you saw

The Glamour photoshoot


My first “posed” Richard Armitage was the fuzzy grey lapel overcoat in front of the yellow taxi cab. The hair was impeccable, the look smouldering, the face old Hollywood handsome.


The waistcoat was classic, the slacks perfectly fitted,

the forearms…


He looked too good to be true. I was mistrustful. I had to find out more about him: his work, his personality, his everyday style, before I would give in. I very rarely make split second decisions; I needed to research a bit more.


I researched a lot

and it was so worth it.


music question: the first song you heard from your favorite artist

Dead and Done by Bobby Long

I’m dead and I’m done, by the heat of the sun

and I’ll rest my hat in an autumn field.

(you can read more about Bobby on my other blog )

10 thoughts on “Too Good to Be True

    1. I’m afraid I don’t understand your question :/ did I not faint at the sight of him, at first? no, I didn’t. is this the first moment I saw him? the waistcoat in this shoot, plus pics of him as Mr. Thornton, is how I was first introduced. I took notice but it didn’t sink in until I saw those eyes and heard that voice in The Hobbit. Mr. A has a charisma that can’t be captured in a photograph.

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  1. This might have been the first photoshoot of his I saw. Maybe not. I don’t tend to remember things like that. It’s a great video, and a good photoshoot; I wish there were videos of some of his earlier photoshoots.


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