Music & More Challenge

16.) a gif that makes you smile


John Standring is just all kinds of adorable!

I ❤ him


music question: a song that makes you happy

Cecilia by Simon & Garfunkel

Making love in the afternoon

with Cecilia up in my bedroom

I got up to wash my face,

when I come back to bed

someone’s taken my place

that part always makes me smile because I think of it literally, like he comes back to bed and their St. Bernard is all sprawled out in his place or something.

I’m weird.


16 thoughts on “Jubilation

  1. I totally LOVE John Standring! I’m not sure, but I think it was after I saw him in that role that I was lost forever in Armitagemania. So great gifs!!
    As for the S&G song – I love them, but that line always bothered me because I took it even MORE literally. I love your take on it much better.
    Thanks! (I guess I’m even weirder!)


    1. I know, it is an unsettling line :/ she replaces him super quick but then when she loves him again, he falls on the floor laughing? I don’t think it’s supposed to be a serious song 😉


    1. The more I have watched Sparkhouse the more I have come to like and understand Carol…at first I thought she was horrible, but she is really not. She had a very rough time with her father and mother but she totally cared, loved and provided for Lisa and I think she cared about John Strandings feelings and was very honest with him. I think over time she had real affection which over time probably grew to real love. It is a great movie, I think. Her ‘soulmate’ on the other hand was a selfish little boy who never grew up.

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      1. I didn’t like Carol at first either but I understood her. I respect her, she doesn’t want pity, just a fair chance. she wishes she could be more loving to John but she’s who he wants, whether that’s who we would want for him or not 😉 I think they have a lot in common, though their experiences are different; they understand each other.


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