Music & More Challenge

17.) a romantic fanfiction

Journey by gusmi

This is a fluffy story consisting solely of the honeymoon from North & South. It’s not very long and doesn’t have much actual plot, but I enjoy it because of the feelings of “new love” that it provokes.


Propriety is very important to Margaret but all the new sensations that have been awakened in her by John are warring with that principal. There is a sweet sensuality revolving around simple pleasures like touching each other’s skin and the freedom to caress whenever the mood strikes, etc.


There is a scene in the very first chapter when they’re on the train and John has dozed off. Margaret is resting her hand upon his shirt and suddenly has a curious desire to touch his skin. The sense of forbidden wonder, from Margaret who is attempting it and John who is feigning sleep just so he can feel it, is addicting!


There are a lot of “you mean the world to me” sentiments but the way that the author chooses to describe what John and Margaret are thinking and feeling has a flow that is almost poetic at times. This is one of the first fanfics I read in this fandom and I go back to it from time to time when I need a quick fix 🙂


music question: a favorite love song

These Arms of Mine by Otis Redding

This song is full of heartache and yearning and I feel it in my chest each time that I listen. It doesn’t make me feel sad necessarily, but just the wanting.


5 thoughts on “Yearning

  1. Oh goodness, what have you done? I hadn’t read that story before, and it is very sweet and lovely. I wasn’t planning on reading right now, but I was completely sucked into it. I wish my daughter a Thornton for the first time *ggg*. Thank you for passing it on.

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