Love Me

Music & More Challenge

18.) a song you would like to hear Richard sing

Love Me by Elvis Presley

I’ve always loved this song and I think it’s damn sexy! It’s a fun song to sing if you’re trying to emulate Elvis but even when sung in a more serious manner, you have to really belt it out during those forceful parts.


Can you imagine Richard singing this? GAH!


music question: your favorite music video

do they even make videos anymore? I think they need to change Mtv to Rtv, for “reality television”. so I’m going to fall back on a favorite of mine from “back in the day”,  Take on Me by a-ha.

The concept of being able to live inside of a book or having the book come to life, always appealed to me. Which is probably why one of my favorite movies as a kid was The Purple Rose of Cairo; to have the heartthrob walk down off the screen and into your life? *girly squeal*

Being a fangirl isn’t a new thing for me, I’ve been doing it forever.



5 thoughts on “Love Me

  1. He should NEVER be allowed to sing that song in public. The death toll would be catastrophic! The infertility rate because of massive ovary explosions would doom the future of the human race. I’m off to arrange my own funeral because I’m officially dead now.

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