A Momentary Distraction

Music & More Challenge

20.) character most likely to be an ex-boyfriend

Lee from Cold Feet


In my younger years I would have thought Lee’s flirty-girty ways “cute”. I wouldn’t have really taken him seriously, but might have eventually given in to his persistence. I find really bad pick-up lines funny and overly flirtatiousness can be fun. I mean, who doesn’t like positive attention from the opposite sex? Even though I know darn well he’s FOS, there’s still an endearing kind of charisma there.

I don't believe a word you're saying but you made me laugh, so you're off the hook
I don’t believe a word you’re saying but I want to keep you anyway

It would take very few instances of him checking out other women when in my presence to make me question things and eventually kick him to the curb.

he may be dressed in blue but all I see is red!
he may be dressed in blue but all I see is red

Lee could be an enjoyable distraction but not someone I would fall for in a serious manner. This is all based in an alternate reality where I don’t over think everything, of course, and could actually be capable of doing something reckless on a whim.

baby, let’s go find a whim to be reckless on!

music question: a song that reminds you of an ex-boyfriend

Nothing Compares 2U by Sinead O’Connor

not for any deep meaning in relation to the ex, but just because he liked the song. He told me once that even with a shaved head, Sinead was still prettier than me; he didn’t last long.


6 thoughts on “A Momentary Distraction

  1. LOL – let’s find a whim…
    Lee wouldn’t get anywhere with me. I am the sun, and I don’t even tolerate the moon and the stars *ggg*. But yeah, I’d take him as on a personal trainer, for my own entertainment. And watch his antics.


    1. Lee wouldn’t get anywhere with me now but I was thinking of what I might have done when I was single. I was still pretty strong with my convictions then but much less confident, so I probably would have soaked that attention up like a sponge 🙄


  2. Me too, Kelbel. And the sad thing is I would have been determined that I would be the one to change him 😉 Cue one broken heart… But I wouldn’t be able to resist. I always did fall for the bad boys!

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  3. Mine would be John Standring. I would have fallen for him so hard, but I couldn’t have kept him in the end, because he was so serious. Well, probably. Maybe it would have been perfect… but I think he would have wanted to throttle me within a short period of time. lol I always fall for the good boys!!


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