Fanvid Friday: Stranger in Moscow

Stranger in Moscow by Delicate Blossom

This fanvid does a really good job of capturing the inner struggles of Lucas and how he isolates himself. I like the effects during the clap of the chorus, and when the frozen frames are shown in succession. The rear-view mirror shot at 1:02 is cool, and the profile/neck porn at 3:07 is highly enjoyable.

I always have the urge to write a self-insert fanfic after watching this video, to help save Lucas from himself. Becoming better acquainted with the jeans at 2:12 would be a major plot point…


10 thoughts on “Fanvid Friday: Stranger in Moscow

    1. the fanvids that can stand on their own, are the one’s I enjoy most. some of these that I’ve posted became favorites of mine before I even watched the show they were created from 😉


  1. I have loved this video since it was first shown in 2009. DB did a fantastic job with it. I have since downloaded the song to my iPhone so I can listen to it when and where I like and think of Lucas! Richard was, as Hermione Norris said, “Sublime” in this role.


    1. I do that too, associate a certain song with a character b/c of a fanvid. just like fanfiction stories often enhance an already beloved character, so do fanvids 🙂


  2. Love this! I have seen quite a few of Delicate Blossom’s videos and I’ve never seen this one! 🙂 I should probably make another vid soon. . .

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