just a few notes

just a few notes regarding The Thorin Project:


1.) thank you for the positive feedback we’ve been receiving so far, in the form of your “likes”, reblogs, retweets, etc. and for those of you who have already started submitting your quotes. this makes us very happy!


2.) when submitting a quote, also include which name/username you would like used on the credit page. if you would rather remain anonymous and not be credited, that’s fine too, just let me know when you submit your quote.


3.) if you are finding it hard to choose between what you want to say, multiple quotes can be included in each submission. we reserve the right to pick our favorite from your overall submission, if space becomes limited. also, please try to limit each quote to a handful of sentences, to help with the flow and symmetry of the book.


4.) keep in mind that this is a book about Thorin for Richard, not a book about Richard for Richard. while he certainly deserves high praise for all he’s done in bringing Thorin to life, Mr. A  can sometimes be modest and bashful, so we don’t want to make him feel uncomfortable.  for this reason we’d like to keep the focus on Thorin as much as possible; subtle nods to Richard can be slipped in here and there, but try to keep a hold on those inner fangirls.




3 thoughts on “just a few notes

  1. This project is really special…what a great idea! I sent a submission but I am not the best at writing. Will you be giving any feedback or suggestions if the submitted quote needs editing for any reason? thanks


    1. yes, I will be contacting you if there are things that I would like to change in your comment. mostly I just want to word them in a way so that they’re not directly fangirling over Richard 😉 or sometimes I may suggest that we switch around the order of a sentence or two, to help it flow better. but they will always remain in your words, I just may want to “tweak” them a little.


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