sorry to be cheeky…

It seems I may not have been clear on the direction Guylty & I want to take with The Thorin Project quote submissions. after reading back through my posts, I can see where the confusion may have happened. I might have waxed a bit too lyrical about Richard (I do that *blushes*) and not emphasized the Thorin aspect enough. Let me try to clarify what we had in mind:


We want this book to be a celebration of Thorin for Richard. something that he can read, as a fan of Thorin, to look back on and remember what this character encompasses; how he (Thorin) inspires, as we share our thoughts about him with Richard. We’re all on the same level, us and Richard, as fans of Thorin. I originally stressed the “Richard’s Thorin” because I wanted to focus on the Thorin we’ve gotten to know through the movies, not the original book Thorin. Some of your comments are mentioning what Richard has brought to Thorin, to differentiate between book and movie, and I’m not discouraging praise for Richard in this area; just try to word it in a way that doesn’t call Richard out by name.


If Richard is reading along and shaking his head yes in agreement with the different aspects of Thorin that we’ve shared, and then comes to a comment with his name in it…that’s going to pull him out of the “fan of Thorin” place and force him into a different place, apart from us, as “actor”; we don’t want him to feel that way with this book. So, for example, if your quote was something like: “the way Richard commands attention with his body while comforting with his eyes draws me to Thorin.” say instead: “I find myself drawn to Thorin because of the way he is able to command attention with his body while comforting with his eyes.” you’re still giving Richard praise, because the Thorin we see is due to Richard, yet you’re attributing those traits to the fictional character. it is something that Richard saw in Thorin and wanted to convey, through his acting.


This book isn’t meant to be about Richard. We want to celebrate Thorin with Richard.




10 thoughts on “sorry to be cheeky…

  1. Do we leave our messages for Richard in this reply box … or separately?
    Thanks for doing this by the way … a wonderful idea. xxx


    1. yes 🙂 Thorin’s traits, how film Thorin resonated with you, how this character came alive in ways that book Thorin didn’t, etc. we don’t want to discourage praise for a job well done, just do that by focusing on Thorin himself instead of Richard 😉


  2. Brilliant idea, unfortunately my blog is lost, is there another way of sending my contribution? [i am not very good at this]. could i just not send it straight to your e-mail…your help will be gratefully appreciated.


    1. I did receive an e-mail comment from you saying that you found this project intriguing, so the submission form on the Thorin Project page does work…it’s just me that failed to respond *blushes* sorry about that! if you have a quote for the book that you would like to share though, you can either use that same contact form again or you can leave it as a reply in the comment section of that page 🙂
      The Thorin Project page:


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