To Fly

Music & More challenge


25.) favorite young pic of RA


aww! so smiley, and maybe a bit mischievous too? I totally would have had a crush on him in school. Thinking about it though, it’s probably a good thing that he was all the way across the ocean. In my school, having a love of the cello might have been mildly accepted, but that whole dance thing? not so much. We didn’t even have a theatrical department until after I graduated. My senior year we had a male join the cheerleading team, it was very shocking.

Richard mentioned that he started taking tap lessons at a young age because all the other kids on his street were doing it too. While I’m glad to say that my daughter’s dance company has at least 3 or 4 boys in it each year, that would have been a foreign concept for me at her age. A boy in my tap class? no way! a High School boy who danced in musicals? so not happening, unless he wanted to get his ass kicked on a regular basis. On the other hand, how would I have fared in a performing arts school? I was shy and secretly ramped up with anxiety most of the time, so performing of any kind probably would have sent me straight into a meltdown! of course, maybe if I was in an atmosphere that encouraged the things I liked (reading, writing, film, music) instead of forcing me to hide them, I might have come out of my shell a whole lot sooner.


music question: oldest song you love

Volare by Dean Martin

not all that old, I know, but it’s something that I find myself humming quite often (humming because I can’t pronounce the Italian parts!) Dean Martin is a childhood favorite of mine and a hometown boy. I used to be very good friends with an older lady who dated Dean’s older brother, once upon a time. she liked to tell me stories about “Dino” and what a hellion he was (she didn’t like him!) I loved the Martin & Lewis movies when I was young. I thought Jerry was too silly though, I much preferred that swoony straight man and his dry humor.  Come to think of it, Dean had to leave in order to pursue his love of song & dance too…


Let us leave the confusion and all disillusion behind


6 thoughts on “To Fly

  1. Yup. Very cutesy teenager. Not really strikingly handsome, more on the slightly non-descript side. (Therefore totally up my street… less competition there, too ;-)) And the cello would have been a major attraction in my book. The dancing, too – just because I always liked people who had the guts to be different. But yeah, I suspect dancing, singing, cello-playing boys did not have it easy back in 1985…
    I really think that times have changed though. My teenage son told me today that he auditioned for the school musical, in which he will be required to sing and dance. Apparently all the cool people are into it, too. Glad to hear that art, dance and music are not seen as unmanly or ninny or something nowadays.

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    1. I was always greatly intrigued by those who were brave enough to be different too, I just wasn’t ready to break out of the mold yet myself. I now live in a much more urban area than I grew up in, so my kids have many opportunities that I didn’t. the schools I attended have moved up in the world since then, offering classes/clubs that I would have loved to be a part of, but there is still a very sports themed mindset there :/


  2. makes me feel so lucky… to avoid communist propaganda my parents put me in German school for the language but also the endless extra curricular activities, the plays, the musicals, the folk fests and dances. And nobody was exempt, boy or girl which made it fun because nobody looked funnier than anyone else or could exclude anyone. Imagine us in drindls polkaing it in the school gym 🙂 And we went to school choir and had to go round performing with it. Thankfully some of my best memories come from it, as otherwise i was pretty much a dork. If the school had been very much sports themed it would have been the death of me as other than swimming and volley i was pants at everything! I wish more schools today would engage everyone in such things and distinguish less, there is a place for everyone in plays and music and dancing 🙂

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    1. for my 16th birthday my parents let me pick whatever I wanted to do and the three of us would do it together (my brother was away at college). I chose to go into the “big city” (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) to tour the art museum, see a Led Zeppelin themed laser light show at the science observatory, and attend the new Doors movie. It was the best day of my young uncultured life 😎

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  3. What’s that show… thinking… oh yes. “Glee”- haven’t watched it myself, but I think it’s really given a boost to the drama/musical theater enrollment in the high schools around here. It’s now the cool thing to do.
    And Richard looks pretty darn cute in that pic. As long as he was funny and nice, I’m pretty sure I would have thought he was hot back in the day.


    1. I’ve not watched Glee either but I agree that it’s made musical theater “cool”. I remember watching Fame when I was young and thinking that it would be so neat to have a school be focused on those types of things (performing arts) but it seemed to come with added pressure as well :/
      I imagine Richard was one of those nice, slightly teasing, boys who stayed under the radar. if I had grown up with him I probably would have found myself in that age old dilemma, once we reached our teenage years, of regarding him as the same boy I’d always known but now seeing him in a different light. if I hadn’t known him all my life though, I would have pined after him b/c he was cute, even back then 🙂


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