The Hang-Over

Music & More challenge

26.) your least favorite photoshoot

2006 Victoria & Albert museum


The above pic is my all around favorite from the shoot. The neck/Adam’s Apple/necklace combo draws my eye away from the hair and clashing gold background. The somewhat bored expression makes it enjoyable too.



The legs are what save this one. and that piercing look that dares me to poke fun at him. you’ve got to ask yourself one question, ‘Do I feel lucky?’ well, do ya, punk? *gulp* I’ll pass.



I refer to this shoot as the hang-over. I’m sure I looked much worse the first time I had a hang-over. I was 16 and convinced I was dying. I never drank again. true story.



music question: a song that you despise

old folktune “Babes in the Woods”

When I was small my mother and grandfather used to sing this song to me because they knew I hated it. I would yell and cry and my mom thought it was funny(she loves me, I swear). The song is about 2 small children who were lost or kidnapped, depending on the lyric choice, and died out in the woods. after they died, the birds covered them up with leaves. fun song, huh?

fun? I do not think that means what you think it means

One of my strongest childhood fears was that I would get taken, or “stolen” as the song said, and never be able to find my way home. part of this fear came from the Adam Walsh kidnapping story, when a little boy was lured out of a shopping mall and ended up being decapitated by his captors. put those two stories together and you get major separation anxiety that lasted my whole childhood. so although I might normally find the melody of this song soothing, it still makes me tense up and sick to my stomach.

much like this scene

While searching Youtube for a version that most resembled the way it was sung to me, I ran across a video of a young man playing this song on his guitar. he jazzed it up a bit too much for my liking and I didn’t like the way he kept breaking in to talk. he said he used to sing this song to comfort himself when he was feeling homesick. what the hell? singing a song about little kids getting lost and dying comforted you?! but then the sarcasm became more clear when he talked about it being the cause of him wetting his bed until he was 12…and beyond. but it’s good to know I wasn’t the only one traumatized by this song.


Parents, don’t be jerks

what she said
yeah, what she said!



8 thoughts on “The Hang-Over

  1. Great post. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that song (I guess my parents weren’t jerks!) but obviously I know of the story. Isn’t it even done as a panto? How weird is that?

    And yeah, that photoshoot is just *odd*. Why was it ever a good idea to put him in front of that gold background, hungover or not?

    Love that last gif!


    1. “I guess my parents weren’t jerks” LOL! but yes, while looking the song up I discovered that it is the basis for many pantomimes and cartoons, etc. something about an evil uncle that sold the kids or something, I don’t know. there have been a few cases down through the years that involved small children being lost or kidnapped and found dead in the woods though, so each of them gets tagged as the “babes in the wood” case. sad.


  2. I actually that that with that grey shirt he *needed* a gold background to avoid fading into the stone. And I like the third picture.
    I just think that the natural light here wasn’t handled correctly, and the clothes were meh and unflattering too.


  3. My least favourite shoot, too – absolutely unbearable to look at. Partly because of the criminally bad styling (those grand daddy trousers *eeeek*, the shirt untucked *headbang*), but also because of the obvious discomfort that the model is exhibiting. Body language and facial expression tell it all. The poses are awkward, and the location is simply stupid – why would you want to put such eyecandy in front of a backdrop that demands all the attention??? Anyhow, ’nuff said.

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