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28.) favorite male interviewer

George Stroumboulopoulos

I liked George’s more serious approach to this Hobbit movie insterview, how he delved into the core of the story and allowed Richard to show his geeky side. Richard talked a bit about Tolkein’s background during World War I and how he thought that greatly influenced the story, particularly the character of Bilbo.


The idea of the small man stepping outside of his front door and being asked to go into great danger and fight, is pretty much what the Hobbit is about


Tolkien’s religious background was touched upon as well and how that influenced the chivalry and nobility expressed through kindness and mercy aspect of Tolkien’s writings. George then went on to talk about the subject of redemption and how in this story it was hard fought. George, have you watched Richard’s other work? Hard fought redemption is a recurring theme. Guy, Porter, Lucas…


I also liked that the subject of leadership was talked about and how Richard said that he learned about the kind of leadership he wanted to portray in Thorin, to inspire loyalty instead of command it, from Peter Jackson himself.


George didn’t weigh the whole interview down in seriousness though, he lightened things up by giving the whole audience Gandalf hats to wear and then talked about how the wizards were high all of the time! Then there was the fanvideo, purposely meant to poke fun at Richard a bit. He bashfully took it in stride and then turned it around to show appreciation for his fans instead, by embracing however they choose to follow and celebrate him and his work. a class act.



music question: your favorite male vocal song

Into the Mystic by Van Morrison

when I was 14 I liked the two Coreys; Corey Haim and Corey Feldman (who didn’t?!)


so I watched “Dream a Little Dream” multiple times, thus becoming familiar with the Van Morrison tune “Into the Mystic”. I really liked it and asked my mom who the singer was. she said I’d like him, so I bought his greatest hits…and I’ve liked Van Morrison ever since. what sets Van Morrison apart for me are the little things, those unassuming details brought about by his use of mandolins and other instruments while throwing in the occasional nonsensical word or shout-out. In this song, right before the line when that foghorn blows, it’s that soft ascending change that causes me to tilt my head along to the music.


Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic



5 thoughts on “Magic

  1. I miss George’s great interviews…budget cuts at the CBC. He’s doing Hockey Night in Canada or something now. George is one of the best at everything….knows his sports, was a music VJ back in the day….he’s smart and articulate and knows what he is talking about. It would have been nice for him to reinterview RA for the final film. Hopefully Richard Crouse will do another interview with RA if the promo tour comes to Canada…he is really good too.


    1. aww, that’s a shame that George isn’t doing entertainment interviews anymore. I really liked his style. but it’s good that he’s well versed in several areas, it means he can have a decent conversation with just about anyone šŸ˜Ž


  2. There were parts of this interview that I had not seen before! So this was fantastic to me- I love his inner geek too šŸ™‚ Thanks so much, Kelly šŸ™‚


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