Update: The Thorin Project

Hello! I just wanted to give you an update on the progress of our little project.


First of all, let me say that I have been pleasantly pleased with the quote submissions that we’ve received thus far, both in number and substance. It’s gratifying to see that the character of Thorin has touched so many of you in meaningful ways, and that you’re willing to share those thoughts with us to include in this book for Richard. I’ve enjoyed conversing with each of you as you’ve submitted your quotes, whether in “meeting” you for the first time, or getting to know you a bit better through one-on-one messages that we’ve traded in relation to your quotes; it’s been fun!



I’ve collected all of the quotes received so far and passed them on to Guylty, who has started to plug them into the beautiful pages that she is custom designing for this 10×8 inch photo book. Currently we are in the “tweaking” phase: experimenting with font sizes, gauging space, deciding in what ways some of the larger quotes might be split, arranging by main idea and photo theme, etc.

so exactly like this


Nothing is set in stone at this point but we wanted to give you a peek, nonetheless, and let you know how it’s all coming along. So below are screen shots of two different pages from the book (these are too small to read but just meant to give you a general idea of what the pages will look like)



If you haven’t submitted a quote but would like to do so, information can be found on The Thorin Project page. Please get those quotes in soon so that we can arrange them all in a pleasing manner and send it off to Richard in time for the movie premiere! Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm and encouragement.

we less than three you!


27 thoughts on “Update: The Thorin Project

  1. So much looking forward to seeing the final result. It will be a great gift. Thank you so much for your time and effort and for letting us participate in this marvellous project.


  2. Thanks so much for the sneak peek ( I have been dying to know how it has been coming along) and for all of the hard work going into it. What you have shown so far is beautifully done. I am excited to see the book when it is finished. This is a gift that Richard will surely cherish, as it comes from both gratitude and from the heart.

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  3. Beautifully done. Thank you for the sneak peek and look forward to seeing more. I wonder if Guylty took those photos. She has so much talent.


      1. i’ve only seen bits of it as i only saw DOS in cinema and breezed through bits on youtube the day before so need to spend some quality time with DVD which is difficult! bec i know i’ll prob want to see the extras too and no time for all in 1 weekend!

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  4. The book looks beautiful. Unfortunately, when Thorin is on screen, I hear what he is saying at the time, but I am rather distracted by his presence, and can’t remember what he said. Was he speaking? Oh, I was thinking about – his hair, his eyes, his voice (not words) his boots, his sword, well, you get the idea.


    1. no pressure to come up with something grand and eloquent, Okay? just tell us how Thorin has influenced you, what it is about him that sticks with you πŸ™‚ AND THIS GOES FOR ANYONE READING THIS TOO: we’ve received deep and personal quotes, lighthearted fun quotes, and everything in between. I’ve seen that some fans are worried about their grammar or if what they’re trying to say is coming across in a classy manner, etc. please don’t stress about that. when it comes from the heart, it shows, all those bells and whistles don’t stack up to genuine sentiment 😎 if Richard is anything like me, and you know he is b/c we’re 100% emotionally compatible (LOL! I’m never letting that go, ever!), then he’ll enjoy all the different kinds of thoughts expressed. it’s a great representation of how universal Thorin is; he has a way of sneaking in and taking up residence in all of our hearts ❀

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  5. …….A_A_A_G_G_G_H_H_H_H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…it’s A SNEEEEEKKKEEEYYYY-PPPEEEEEEEKKKEEEYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!…..IT”S…….B-E-E-E-U-U-T-T-T-E-E-E-F-F-FULLLL!!!! I am S-O-O-O delighted to be a part of this ..MASTERPIECE!!! My jealousy of your TALENTS… POPS!!…and I am just thrown forward, elbows VIOLENTLY Hittng the “Pute table(..just missed the keyboard….!) and the chin becomes GLUED! to the bent-back palms…and I SIGH(!)…and re-read the WHOLE ,DARN(!),THING over again, one-handedly-scrolling up and down, just grinning from ear to ear, and sighing every 3rd finger-stretch, “THOR-R-R-I-I-I-I-N-N-N-N-!-!-!”..(thud!!)…sorry..I leaned too far to continue the scrolling, and hit the deck…(..it’s …the beard…)…THX, ARMIMoMs!!


    1. well, we sent it off to his fan-mail address in London last month. I’m not sure how often he picks up his fan-mail or when he’ll be able to read it, since he’s been so busy with all of the BOTFA promotions. the hope is that he’ll be able to enjoy it over his Christmas Holiday πŸ™‚ we didn’t request an answer from him in regards to the book, so it’s possible that we may never hear about it from him. and that’s okay, we wanted it to be a gift for him without strings. but the plan is to let some time pass, in order for him to receive the book and enjoy it himself, and then Guylty or I will post some pics of the finished book so the fans can see how it turned out 😎


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