Thorin On the Brain

Last evening I was watching one of my favorite television shows, Cutthroat Kitchen. If you’re not familiar with this Food Network show, each episode centers around a cooking competition between 4 professional chefs. What is unique to the show is that they can bid on “sabotages” throughout the competition to trip-up their competitors. It’s always something unusual, like taking away a key component of their required dish and replacing it with candy, junky snack foods, or something equally as undesirable like canned meat (I basically just described my diet) or making them cook on upside down frying pans, taking away their cooking utensils, etc. it’s always a challenge and really fun to watch!

So last night, when I saw a particular contestant I couldn’t take my eyes off him… because he looked like Thorin Oakensheild! Okay, maybe saying he reminded me of Thorin would be more apt since Thorin isn’t an extremely tall, slightly balding Italian chef with an accent.


The criteria for winning this show is to discern whether or not the dish presented reminds the judge of the required dish, not necessarily if it is the dish or even looks like it. So Chef Alberico reminds me of Thorin; do I just have Thorin on the brain or do you see what I see? Thorin-esque or not, he was very cute to watch.

(Edited to Add: video was removed from Youtube)

On a slightly different but equally random note: this evening we will be adding yet another animal to our household. we’re “rescuing” a bearded dragon from an abandoned situation. because we need another animal in this house; 4 cats, 2 birds, a 3 ft. Iguana, a very rotund hamster, and various tropical fish just aren’t enough. My son was trying to come up with a name for the lizard but didn’t know any appropriate Australian names (because Bearded Dragons were originally from Australia. Thank You Wikipedia!) I suggested we name it Smaug. Son kind of crinkled his nose at that but my reasoning is that not only is it a “dragon” but when our two youngest cats sneak into my son’s room to hassle it, which is inevitable, it will be Fili and Kili trying to slay Smaug.


11 thoughts on “Thorin On the Brain

  1. Well, I can see the resemblance, but I don’t know that I would have if you hadn’t pointed it out. Lol. Not so much RA, but Thorin, yeah maybe. Good luck with Smaug! Hope Fili and Kili aren’t too hard on that guy =)


    1. more Thorin than Richard, definitely! well, except for that whole height thing… and I doubt my son will end up going with the “Smaug” suggestion, he was leaning more towards “Pablo” for some reason.


      1. Kids pick the weirdest names in the world. We just got a couple of kittens, one each, for my kids. The 6 year old chose Zax (which is ok) then the 3 year old, believing hers had to rhyme, chose Wax. So Zax and Wax are constantly getting their names mixed up by Mommy and Daddy, who can’t seem to get it straight. “Come here/cut it out/where is WaxIMeanZax or ZaxIMeanWax” happens daily. =)

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  2. You made me laugh because…well I don’t want to contradict you, it’s not polite but I think this man looks like Thorin but far, far, very far away, may be from the moon ! LOL. I have to congratulate you to have an “arche” at home. Very kind of you. In a flat (not very big) I managed to have a cat “Robin”, 2 guinea pigs (Fili and Kili) and 2 red fishes (Merry and Pipin). Yes I am very found of animals and of P.J. movies with a preference for The Hobbit because of a special lovely man !!! And for the name of the dragon I think Smaug would have been perfect but let your son with Pablo, he will be happy, it’s the most important at the end.

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    1. that’s okay, I think your opinion is probably the prevalent one. I have had Thorin on the brain a lot lately. and I named all the cats, so I let the kids have free reign with the other animals 🙂


  3. I only see a resemblance in the pose in the screencap. But hey, I am familiar with that association thing. Today I got a bit of a hot flush when I overheard the husband say “Is that what you want?” I immediately thought of a particular scene from the Armitage oeuvre *blushes*. (BTW, the husband was talking to the cat, not me…).
    Oh and on naming pets: I have a similar story as J up there – when our cat had kittens, my kids were 9 and 7. There were three tabbys and a black one. They named them Sparkles, Twinkles and Tinkles, and the black one was called Jag (as in “jaguar” – yeah, they got that one completely wrong… black cat *haha*). Boy, was I glad when Sparkles, Twinkles and Tinkles left the house…

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    1. see, I bypass all of that by just calling all the cats “stupid cat”. either they’ve done something bad, I can’t find them and need to, or I want to cuddle them and they refuse me; all warrants the response of “stupid cat”. our kids on the other hand, we’ve just combined their names into one moniker; easier to shout, no thinking required #motheroftheyear

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