Fanvid Friday: 2fer

Fanvid Friday…on a Saturday. I was busy having an identity crisis yesterday, sorry! So, I’m giving you a 2fer. Both of Sir Guy, and both by Delicate Blossom.

Drives Me Crazy:

What I really love about this one is Guy’s reactions to the “eww, eww”s of the chorus. The timed smirks, sneers, head tilts, chin waves,etc., they crack me up!

and then a more serious one, Hurt:

Perfect song choice for Guy, don’t you think? The flow is so smooth in this video, Guy’s facial expressions meld together with the music in a really nice way. There are those little editing moments that I love so much too, like how the lyric “you can have it all” is matched up with Guy removing the blindfold from Marian, or Guy’s wide-eyed shock during the “I will make you hurt” part.  I really like the mix of moving scenes and still images as well, along with the black and white shading. Plus, I’ve just always loved this song.


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