Music & More Challenge

32.) instrument you’d like to see Richard play

the piano

Richard with Harriet Rowland, during “The World’s End” Premiere

It’s been mentioned that Richard played the cello and the flute in school and although I really do love to hear the cello played, there’s just something about a man playing piano that grabs my attention. I think it’s the fingers, the way they almost caress those keys.

your fingertips across my skin...
your fingertips across my skin…

I have a piano and I took lessons for a few years when I was young but not much of it has stayed with me. reading notes feels like doing math to me, not something I enjoy. occasionally I’ll pick out a tune by ear with one hand but I rarely use both.


I can play one song by memory, using both hands, all the way through. it’s a waltz I had to learn for a recital when I was 11 years old and somehow it’s embedded itself into my brain. the odd thing is that when I play it, while I’m concentrating on the right hand the left just starts playing it’s part without my knowledge. freaky.

What would I like Richard to play on the piano? hmm. the thought of him playing a soft instrumental would be okay, I guess, though I’d rather hear something more soulful. honestly though, you know what would be fun? ragtime! my Grandfather used to have a player piano when I was young and I loved watching that piano play. If I run across someone playing that type of music, I always stop and watch. aside from the fact that it reminds me of a carnival ride, the actual playing always impresses me. classical guitar is like that for me too. I wouldn’t put that kind of pressure on Richard though, something more mainstream would impress me just fine.


music question: your favorite classical piece.

Bach Cello Suite no.1 Prelude

I’m not all that familiar with classical music. I enjoy it but there are only a handful of songs that I can recognize and name when I hear them. When I was a teenager my grandmother used to support the band of a neighboring High School by buying a season pass to their classical music series. so once a month we would attend, and while she fell asleep (every single time!) I would try to pay attention and get a feel for which instruments I liked best. I knew that I liked the piano and the violin but what I learned from those sessions was that I also really enjoyed the cello as well. I liked the way it reverberated in my chest when it was played. I’m afraid I don’t have much patience for whole symphonies though.

me, looking for my sophistication

7 thoughts on “Fingertips

  1. Piano? Interesting choice. I somewhere read that RA also plays the guitar a bit. And that is what I would like to see him play. There is undoubtedly something very masculine and sexy about the guitar – the hand caressing the neck of the guitar, sliding up and down, the right hand plucking the strings. Ugh, somehow I have made this sound really dirty, and I didn’t mean that at all. Anyway – guitar.


    1. the guitar is a sexy instrument and I would get worked up too if I saw Richard playing one 😉 but I’ve grown up with guitars my whole life (my mom plays both acoustic and electric) so I’d like to see something different. truthfully the instrument I’d want to hear most is the voice! we got a little taste with the Misty Mountain song but it was just a tease.

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