Fanvid Friday: Save You

yeah, I know it’s Saturday and not Friday…again. I spent Friday night surfing around for fanvideos. I was getting really discouraged because I just wasn’t finding any that I really liked (I’m picky) but then my luck changed. This one, Save Me by Angela C. Ryan/Misshale78 grabbed me, right in the feels.

I really really like this one. It embodies Lucas so strongly for me, the foundation of my feelings for him: I want to save him. I wish I could have been the person he leaned on when he first came back from prison, I wish I could have been who he turned to instead of slimy Genevieve, I wanted to be the person he trusted enough to confide in during the John Bateman reveal. Maybe I couldn’t have prevented any of it but at least he wouldn’t have felt so alone.


back to the video: the opening image of the barrel of a revolver, very poignant. I really like that the first scene chosen is the one with Lucas and Ruth too. That scene carries so much weight. There’s respect and friendship between them, which really brings home the seriousness of the situation; that Lucas would override that illustrates how very lost he truly is.


the flashes of the burdens Lucas bears. and those eyes. I wish I could save you


It’s gonna be alright


9 thoughts on “Fanvid Friday: Save You

  1. This one was kind of hard to watch in a way. I always felt that Lucas North was one of RA’s most tragic characters . After Lucas begins to unravel, his hopeless desperation breaks my heart.

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  2. ❤️❤️❤️ Gosh did we feel it! I’m so pleased you found this one of hers – her channel was fresh and posting new vids around that time – she also made a fantastic lucas vid with the James Blunt song : one of the brightest stars which youtube blocked back then – what a celebration of Lucas! Thanks for these posts!!

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    1. I’ve always associated that song with celebrity fame, so I couldn’t really picture how it would apply to Lucas. but after watching the vid I see that it can apply: Lucas was a bright star w/in the agency, he had become everything that John Bateman couldn’t. when his secret threatened to tear apart everything he had worked for, the Lucas we had come to know changed; as he wrestled with who he was as John, who he had become as Lucas, and who would survive between them in the end.

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  3. Lucas is my favorite of all of Richard’s characters. He brings out my nurturing instincts …. he’s so broken and damaged and I just want to put my arms around him and “fix” him …. make all of his hurt go away. Great video. BTW, I love your blog 🙂


    1. I don’t want to fix Lucas necessarily, because I don’t think he’s “broken”. I would like to offer him a safe place to grow from, enabling him to move forward. our trials and tribulations make us who we are; I don’t know who Lucas was before, I only know who he was after. I liked the Lucas that I knew, I just wish he could’ve liked that Lucas too :/


  4. Hey! I’m so glad you found it!! I need a memory pill so bad – apparently I forgot that it did get posted successfully 🙂 I’m relishing this trip down memory lane .. these days it’s outlander fanvids that take up my YouTube time – a few have songs I originally associated with RA characters 🙂


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