It’s the Little Things

The Battle of the Five Armies promo blitz is upon us.

Are we having fun yet?

me, browsing my Twitter timeline
me, browsing my Twitter timeline

Promotional Tours have trouble holding my attention. I absorb things at a much slower pace. I’d rather click on something out of genuine curiosity than obligation. When things are thrown at me all at once, it just becomes too much. I like seeing the different clothes Richard turns up in and I enjoy reading/viewing the various interviews but I need to do it on my own time frame.

he likes colorful socks...Oof! *gets taken down by furry Emu*
he likes colorful socks…Oof! *gets taken down by furry Emu*

This is not to say that I don’t fangirl, that I don’t get excited about things. the things I prefer are just slightly lower-key. This summer when a performance of The Crucible was cancelled and Richard unexpectedly showed up to converse with fans, casually dressed in a baseball cap


and jeans that made his legs look miles long


I had a meltdown! I was seriously excited, like Beatle Mania kind of excited. over a hat.


and even though the stories that came pouring in about how affecting John Proctor was in his intensity made me puff up with well-wishing pride, Gary Morris(I know it’s “Fuller” but I like Morris better) in his starched slacks entranced me so much that I found myself willingly attending a Tornado flick. My family suspects Voodoo Magic, it’s the only reasonable explanation.

"I'm nerdy in the extreme and whiter than sour cream"
“I’m nerdy in the extreme and whiter than sour cream”

My approach to photoshoots are similar. An overall image may grab my attention initially but it’s the little things in them that will really cement a photo into my consciousness.

veins in the hand
those veins in the hand

the blue LV sweater is a prime example. I never recoiled from it like so many others did but I could take it or leave it. as it became a more familiar sight though, I found myself really drawn in by it. Richard in that sweater conveys a strong sense of virility: the contrast of the heavy sweater against the forearms, the bulk it adds to his commanding stride, the touch of whimsy it stands against in the superhero tone.

love that expression!
love that expression!

As the BOTFA promos and premieres continue, I will be reading spoilers and I will be sighing over suits


and I will be perusing the interviews in hopes that my RA will make an appearance:

TPS: were you required to wear any prosthetics? you have a sizable nose in the films

RA: umm…that’s actually my nose

TPS: oh, is it

RA: no, I’m kidding! I’m joking!

TPS: oh, God [… ] I nearly sank through the floor

but all in moderation. after it’s all said and done I’ll go back and savor all the things that I missed, spread them out over the dry months ahead. RichardArmitageCentral and RichardArmitageNet make this very easy and convenient. BIG THANKS go out to the special people who collect and archive for these sites so brilliantly ❤

if Richard shows up in the funky button jeans though, I will not be held responsible for my actions.

decorum? what decorum?

*interview excerpt from audio of The Picture Show interview on Irish Radio.

12 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things

  1. I can totally relate to what you are saying here…I seem to get really easily overloaded when there is so much new material all at once. I have to sort of pick through it a little at a time.

    Funky button jeans? Oh yes!
    LV sweater? We will agree to differ (where’s the fun in agreeing on everything anyway?!) 😉

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  2. You know what – I am nearly glad I missed most of the coverage due to being off comms at the premiere. I feel little urge to catch up on it. In fact I am consciously staying away. I can’t even muster up any enthusiasm for the new images. Slight feeling of overkill. Better to take it in small doses…
    PS – you really are the queen of captions. I laughed out loud at the first one.

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  3. I must say I am loving his daily Twitter contributions. I think it’s a great call by his peeps to have him more present on Twitter. Posting selfies and pics of him at press calls is lovely. Sadly, I had never noticed the funky button jeans, but thank you for pointing them out. ::faints::

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  4. Agzy did that, two years ago — at some point she just started stockpiling stuff. She called her “Armitage chocolate box” or something like that — to pull out a piece when she wanted something sweet.

    Every Hobbit promo blitz has been different — I was super-involved in the first one — glued to the screen the whole time, capping like crazy, writing something original every day. But it also happened after a drought so dry that all the other droughts pale in comparison. There was so little information leakage in 2011-12 and Armitage was less known so there were fewer random opportunities as well. Last year that had all changed and the flood of information was such that there was some stuff I didn’t get to see until weeks later. I get a huge amount of enjoyment out of watching things unfold and there’s a weird technological thrill for me, I find, to have mastered all of these sources of information well enough to be able to follow an event in real time. Also real time capping, tweeting (and the other day, translating) keep me calm because it keeps all of my synapses occupied. That said, this third time has been different because there has been some stuff I just haven’t been able to watch because of work arrangements, and there have been at least two points where I was so turned off by something that I separated myself from the stream because it wasn’t making me happy. Details get me too — but you’re right that if you’re trying to absorb everything at once a lot of details go under. Then again, that’s why we need everyone watching 🙂


    1. even though my intent is to approach it all in “moderation”, I’m still viewing a whole hell of a lot 😯 I’m enjoying what I am reading/viewing, so I’m not feeling deprived or anything. a part of me does feel lighter when I pass things on by though; it’s a balancing act.

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  5. It’s a looooooot to take in, but just going slooooowly here too. I’ve not seen that gif from the Old Vic before, some long legs 🙂 And yes, i’m with you on the jeans! I’m collecting everything and seeing bits here and there, i’ve got 2,3 pics i particularly like but i think i’ll enjoy it all more in time when there won’t be as much at the same time. With the Crucible going on here to it’s been complete overload!


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