Fanvid Friday: you are my sunshine

Since Harry is my sunshine, I thought this video by Angela C. Ryan appropriate

maybe an overly sentimental song choice but I don’t care (I’d not heard this version before, it’s really nice) it was one of my favorite songs as a child and something I often sang to my kids when they were babies, so all good associations already; add Harry to the mix and that just makes it even better!

As for the video itself, I like it specifically for the ending: Harry’s proposal is heard over the song and then we get that sweet end hug between him and Geraldine. Richard needs to do a historic project about the Transcontinental Railroad next so that someone can make a vid using my favorite childhood song, I’ve Been Working on the Railroad. I’ll be Dinah…


2 thoughts on “Fanvid Friday: you are my sunshine

  1. not even one minute after I posted this, I heard a different version of this song playing on the television! husband is watching “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” 🙂


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