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Hello! how have you been? doing good, surviving the frenzy? I’m ready for it to be over, honestly. I click on about one thing out of every twenty notifications that I receive. I have thoughts on what I have been seeing, both positive and negative, but my head is just utter chaos at the moment and I can’t seem to focus.

too many striped shirts, it burns us!
too many stripes, it burns us!

I’ve been wanting to write a post for the past few days, because I miss talking with you all, but I can’t decide what to write about. should it be about something current, critiquing clothes or info from interviews? or should I leave those things alone for awhile and revisit something older? maybe veer off a little and talk about the ways of fandom, or…I don’t know, complain about my cats? two of them are named Fili and Kili so I’m sure I could tie that in somehow.


Instead, I’ve decided to let you talk. Let’s gab! jump in and tell me what you want to talk about, share any old random thought about Richard that pops into your head. how do you feel about the tartan plaid blazer? the sweaters? has Richard said anything in particular in the latest batch of interviews that stood out to you? do you like that he’s on Twitter or is it messing with your perception of him? how about fandom in general? are you content or restless? are you bored? (I kind of am) is your Armitage mojo waning? (mine definitely isn’t) are you a Cumberbitch on the side?

disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for your bad choices

talk to me. with me, about me, I don’t care


just talk…


19 thoughts on “Let’s Talk

  1. Hi Kelly!

    I’m crabby. I don’t really have a handle on what’s causing my grouchiness. Oh right, you wanted this to be about RA 😉

    All the new pictures have not been able to get me out of my funk. I did realize today that I liked the stage door pictures better than the posed and performed ones we’ve been seeing lately. There was a time when I couldn’t wait to see ANY new picture but I think there have been too many consecutive events and I’m overwhelmed.

    Three different times today I opened WP and started to write a post. All three times I bailed before I got anything written. Instead I find myself reblogging other people’s posts or photos.

    It’s also been snowing all day. It was a boost to hear from you. I always enjoy your gifs and captions no matter what the post is about. You have a gift 🙂


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    1. I’ve been crabby too and I can’t pinpoint why either! it’s frustrating. as for pics of Richard, I know I prefer him , not someone else dressing him up or getting him to act a certain way for marketing, so it doesn’t surprise me when the photoshoots or colored carpets (when did they cease being red? the various colors are kind of lame) don’t have me automatically drooling. I greatly enjoy watching the interviews but there have been too many all at once, and the print interviews all seem to offer the same information in each :/ I’ve really wanted to write a post about something other than the premieres, but each time I think something through it ends up being bitchy, LOL!

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      1. I think there’s a noticeable effect of crabbiness — I’ve seen it all three times, but *especially* last year — around these premieres. Maybe something about heightened adrenaline levels?

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  2. It’s been exhausting hasn’t it? Having said that, I’ve not looked at most of the interviews because, tbh, I’ve never really been into the whole LOTR thing and I am therefore quite bored with the same old promotional interview questions. I have enjoyed discussing RA’s outfits though and loved seeing new pictures every day. I’m really looking forward to the release of his next few projects even though they will not be as high profile because they seem more my kind of thing.

    Twitter – I reluctantly joined and the jury is still out about that. My perception is that RA is managing it well enough but some of the fans responses… Not so much. Less said the better on that though.

    And if this is a place to moan, WordPress is playing up for me. It’s stopped sending me notifications on threads I follow. So it means I have to keep clicking on blogs I follow to make sure I’m not missing out :(. A first world problem but irritating all the same. And it keeps putting me into moderation!

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    1. the repetitive interview questions are getting to me too. I am into LOTR but the questions aren’t even about Middle-Earth, they’re still asking him about his height 😮 I’m sure it took a whole half a second to come up with that question, and then they thought “okay, we’re good to go”. ask him about his motivations, will it be hard to leave Thorin behind, do you plan on visiting NZ again on your own…come on! it really isn’t that hard 🙄

      Twitter: I agree that he’s doing really well with it. maybe I need to get me a consultant too! but then I’ll have to get a make-up artist and a fashion consultant and a physical trainer, because of all the selfies 😉 in all seriousness, I’m enjoying Richard on Twitter. he isn’t posting pics of his food and he doesn’t have pets or children, so he’s not describing their bathroom habits; win/win!

      WordPress does have it’s glitches. I see they’ve changed some things in the control panel as of late so maybe they still need to work the bugs out :/

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  3. I’m putting money on LP and RA BOTH wearing stripey jumpers Thursday night in NYC. Come on, boys. Baby needs a new pair of shoes.


  4. Great idea, just talk like this like friends at tea time.
    I take this opportunity to ask my question to you : What about “The Thorin Project” ??? When the book will be ready, when do you want to send it to RA ? and how ? because I think you have to send it to his agent, I don’t think you know his personnal address ! LOL. Thank you in advance for your reply and what else ??? I have just seen The Hobbit BOFA in France. Just Woah !!! Thorin is really majestic, I was overhelmed by Fili and Kili too. I think I will go to see it again and try to concentrate on the battle instead because P. Jackson’s work is amazing and I am very happy for him that he got his own star in LA.

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    1. The Thorin Project is finished and has been sent off to Richard’s fan-mail address in London. He’s been so busy with promoting this last Hobbit movie that I really doubt he’s had time for any personal reading, even if it’s a spectacular book like ours 😀 I have no idea how often he gets his fan-mail sent to him, so I’m not really sure when it will be placed into his hands. it’s a nice thought to think that maybe he’ll get it over the Christmas holiday, but that may not be entirely realistic (?) in any case, we didn’t specifically request a response from him in regards to the book. it would be nice if he acknowledged the receipt of it in some way but he certainly shouldn’t feel obligated to do so. IF we hear back from him in any way, we will definitely let it be known. we’re going to give the book a chance to get to him, and then after some time has passed we’ll share some pics of the pages with all of you so that you can see what it ended up looking like 🙂

      as for seeing BOFA, my husband and I will be seeing it next Friday. our kids decided that they would just wait to see it when we buy the DVD (son doesn’t really care and daughter knows she will cry b/c she really likes Kili) so husband is taking a few hours off of work while the kids are still in school so that we can see it before our Holiday madness with extended family kicks into high gear. priorities 😉

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  5. I’m still enjoying this stream (as probably goes without saying), but there’s always been a noticeable effect during these promos that fan creativity gets killed during them. Too much new info, too much to keep up with, and there’s the whole “our crush is immanent” effect that shuts people up, as well. Say what we like about so-called “droughts,” they give fans time to process and do neat stuff and we can talk with each other rather than just reacting to Armitage.

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    1. I seem to be highly cynical during information overloads :/ I nit-pick over things I would normally just crinkle my nose at and move on from, like clothing choices or marketing practices. I’m always impressed with the way that Richard tries to remain fresh with his interview answers, saying the same thing in slightly different ways; but even he seems to pick a few anecdotes for himself and repeats them often. the interviews that have been showing up these past two days have peaked my interest though 🙂

      I was very glad to read your last sentence, about the time fans need to process in order to create things and connect with each other, instead of just reacting. that makes me feel a lot better, i.e. not so bitchy! LOL! 😀

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        1. Marlise’s interview should be fun since both of them act like a couple of kids on the loose in a candy shop anyway. I need a laugh and they are both so geeky. Sat through The Hobbit marathon yesterday. It ends as it must, epic and sad, but not over because we know LOTR is coming. The scenes with Thorin & Bilbo will rip your heart out. BUT more from RA to come so be happyhappyhappy!! Come on, ladies, cheer up! I’ve rediscovered the joys of a cup of hot cocoa and highly recommend it.


          1. seeing that Anglophile teaser really turned the tide for me. I’m still drowning in new interviews but I know it’s almost over so I’m not as crabby about it. or it could be that I just don’t have the time to spare since I’m watching the teaser so much…


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