Let’s Do it All

The Anglophile Channel’s “iChat” interviews with Richard Armitage…I love them! like cuddle up in front of a warm fire kind of love, as we throw marshmallows at each other! I enjoy the low-key, unrushed style of them. I’ve been waiting until all of them aired before talking about them. wanna fangirl over them with me? let’s go!


The Teaser

Marlise says her husband edits these. I think he does a wonderful job, with the teaser particularly. He wove together the fun bits so enticingly that it left me dancing around in anticipation for days; such sweet torture! Though I must say that the opening music is probably ingrained into my subconscious by now (I watch these videos more than once, just sayin) so much so that I’m afraid if I hear that theme randomly when I’m out in public somewhere, what will I do? woe to the innocent male bystander who just happens to be wearing a similar sweater…

Anglophile iChat: Richard pouring tea
PSA: if you don’t want giddily approached by a stranger, don’t wear this sweater


Okay, if I say everything I want to say about these vids then we will be here for days, so I’m just going to share my notes in their rough form to point out things that stood out to me or that I liked (please elaborate on them or add your own in the comments. it’s less embarrassing if I’m not fangirling alone!)


⭐ “come on, let’s film. let’s do it all”- favorite soundbite, because it sounds naughty 


⭐ when he steals her glasses- you can see his eyes magnified through the lenses


⭐ when she asks him about the weirdest question that he’s been asked- hands over face. Adorable!


⭐ when he talks about covering her face…in glue and slapping a lump of…silicone…yeah- let’s move on before I say something I’m bound to regret.


⭐ when she asks him if he knows what Hooter’s is- his answer is so understated and matter of fact


⭐ the deadpan delivery of “we’re sitting down” and “who are you?”- Love.


⭐ the wrists and the fingers and that muscle in his shoulder…



Part One

⭐ I like the chasing word graphics- but miss the themed music


⭐ when he mimics the interview questions about his height- snarky Armitage, for the win!


⭐ when she says he had a good idea- he answers with a nonchalant “today?”


⭐ Marlise, don’t imitate a British accent to a Brit


⭐ House of Cards and Fargo will now be on my Netflix list- I’m a sheep, I admit it.


⭐ the way they’re just chatting about tv shows and other actors seems surprisingly familiar- probably because you imagine it every day (<–that was my subconscious talking) ohhh. right *blushes*


⭐ how he says “small”


⭐ they talk about forgetting that Thorin is supposed to be small- I do that too. he’s larger than life to me


⭐ “are you crying? are you quite moved?” #one last time – oh wit, how I love thee


⭐ when Marlise jumps in and suggests that the reason the real life actors of the dwarves are so large is because they’re warriors- reminds me of my relatives and how I try to steer the conversation when they tell me stories I’ve heard a million times before


⭐ I like that he wanted to join Twitter in order to make people laugh- I like to do that too


⭐ when Marlise is explaining that the pics he posted during the press tour make the fans feel like they’re part of his life- I wonder if he was conflicted about that thought? on one hand it’s nice to know that you are brightening someone’s day by sharing yourself with them but on the other, how much of yourself do you give before you feel like it’s being taken away from you? 


⭐ it makes him feel good that he can help others, charity projects and whatnot, just by something as simple as retweeting- that’s a nice thought.


⭐ the Richard Armitage US fanpage gets a shout out- all other sites immediately channel Wolverine (you know you did, don’t pretend that you didn’t. I did too, no worries! it’s okay to laugh at yourself!)



⭐ the musical way he says her name- and the name of the dwarf interviewer earlier too



Part Two


⭐ his remarks about Peter Jackson’s children not having known a time without The Hobbit- impactful


⭐ accent again, Marlise- stop.


⭐ what did she wipe off his forehead, did he splash himself with tea?- maybe he’s sweating it, he’s drinking so much!


⭐ is his repeated throwing up while performing a problem?- funny!


⭐ the description of Theatre Magic and how it’s something that’s floating in the air between the actor and the audience- made my metaphor loving heart skip a beat


⭐ when he breaks into his own thought about parapets- to get cheeky about Thorin and parapets


⭐ I like seeing him explain about getting back to his theatre roots in this relaxed atmosphere- even though I’ve heard/read him say this before


⭐ when she praises him and says he should receive an Oscar- he’s modest but touched by her assessment


⭐ he doesn’t shy away from blockbusters, they shy away from him- there’s a shortage of Optometrists in this world, that’s all I have to say


⭐ he’s patient and would rather receive something when it’s right than too soon- wise words


⭐ “whot?”


⭐ stop with the accent, Marlise- geeze!


⭐ he wishes to be Gandalf because he’s naughty and cheeky- he is, I love Gandalf


⭐ a “lorrie load”- contrary to some fears, he’s not turned American


⭐ when she asks what Gandalf has in his gowns- that beat of silence


⭐ he keeps Thorin’s sword in the umbrella stand- pretentious, he’s not


⭐ his boyish enthusiasm for the award he won- he gets to keep that right? they’re not really going to ask for it back! (seems he’s wondering about this as well)


⭐ The Crucible standing ovation was a proud and touching experience for him- us, too


⭐ everything about the Thorin Ornament exchange!


⭐ “is this an American thing?”- second favorite soundbite



In Summary: Richard Armitage is fulfilled– that’s all I need to know ❤

hand over heart gif



15 thoughts on “Let’s Do it All

  1. I don’t really understand why anyone would not enjoy these talks. He is completely relaxed and enjoying himself and we are learning some new things along the way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. others think he’s humoring her, that he’s not really as relaxed as we think- along with some deeper issues concerning reporting styles. since we don’t know what he’s thinking, our opinions on this are going to differ. what I see in these videos warms my heart, so I’m going to celebrate them 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Fully agree. Loved how relaxed he seems around her. Thought the same at their last interview and watched it again just to confirm for myself. Didn’t pick up on her trying for a british accent, but I am not a native speaker so… Anyway, thanks for your opinion and for making me feel less weird for being such a fangirl. 😀


  3. Raise your hand if you wish you could chat with him over tea. Easy to admit privately from the anonymity of your own computer, right?

    I applaud Marlise for creating a business through sheer force of her own personality. How many of us are on youtube interviewing actors/writers/producers?

    Lecture over. I’m off to see if anyone has gif-ed “neither” yet and posted it someplace where I can swipe it.


  4. Wow, love your detailed analysis 🙂 I will have to watch once or twice more… good excuse right? 🙂 Somehow I’m still feeling rushed from this whole month’s onslaught (& maybe Christmas has something to do with that too lol).
    I’ll always love Marlise, as her interviews were almost the 1st thing I saw when I first discovered Richard. She’s not perfect, but who is? 🙂 Bottom line, any time I can see Richard cutting up & making jokes is a good time for me! And she makes that happen. If someone prefers a different style, they’re certainly entitled. I enjoy other interview styles too!
    Thanks again Kelly 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel exactly the same, SH 😎 it’s what any given interviewer brings out in Richard that warms me to them. and since we’ve seen two such “sessions” with Marlise, I feel positively towards her. I happen to like that she’s a fangirl and media, I like that in-between place because it gives us nice segments like when she went to The Crucible; it kind of validates what we’re doing and how we feel (since we usually get condescension from Media in this regard)

      Liked by 1 person

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