Baby, it’s Cold Outside

55 Reasons British Men are Bloody Gorgeous


4.) the fact that they never. Wear. Bro tanks.



The basis for this reason seems to be that British men generally dress in a dignified manner. so my examples are going to center around layers.



something that makes Richard particularly attractive to me is the way he gives his characters so many layers.



see how I tied that in there?



Ha! I did it again!



okay, okay. moving on



okay, I”ll stop.



we’ve seen Lucas in a “Bro tank”



and John Porter too



even Richard himself (sort of)



I fail to see the negativity in Bro tanks.




what the…? did that photoshoot take place in a walk-in freezer?! it’s a bit much.



…and that’s the opposite. what? there are layers there!



at least I’m not cold anymore. maybe those British men are onto something


16 thoughts on “Baby, it’s Cold Outside

  1. Zero degrees on the thermometer, heat out in car, 40 mile commute….thanks – I needed this!! (BTW – I had not heard the “Bro Tank” moniker before, but I’ll not share the considerably worse name I know that garment by 😉 )

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  2. It is -19C with the wind chill. Too cold for me and I had a bunch of errands to run today. Lucky for me; I do have heat in my car.

    Thanks for warming us up and making me smile 😀

    I particularly enjoyed the captions (OK the pictures too!)


  3. I’m still not entirely sure what a bro tank is ( and spell check definitely doesn’t) but I enjoyed studying the photo’s anyway.

    I always think RA must feel the cold because he seems to wear quite a lot of layers and some of his sweaters make me perspire just looking at him in them ( but not in the way you might initially suspect!) .

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    1. a “bro tank” is a vest/tank-top. some men wear them as a type of undershirt while others wear them as a warm weather/exercise shirt 🙂
      I think the layered look is due to his stylist but he must not mind too much or I’m sure he’d suggest something different.


  4. LOL – oh I loved this instalment of 55 reasons. (Although I believe I have seen “bro tanks” on Brits, too, but never mind ;-)) And I loved how you tied it all in there with the pics. Brilliant. I take it you are also a fan of casual RA? Not a smoking jacket in sight *fistpump*.

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