Straight Up Now Tell Me

continuing on with my attempt to illustrate 55 Reasons British Men are Bloody Gorgeous with examples of Richard Armitage…it seems that I’ve hit  a snag:

5. The way they’re not afraid to compliment you, straight up 



because Richard doesn’t really compliment “straight up”, does he? I actually like that he doesn’t. while it’s fun to be flirted with in that way, you can’t help but be left feeling like you’re only one in a long line of others. Richard’s flirting style seems to be more subtle. I’m not sure I’d even classify it as flirting, so much as just being playful.


sometimes it even seems to take him unawares himself, consisting of little teasing comments that he can’t resist saying in the moment


while other times he does say them on purpose but can’t follow through with them because they’re too over the top (i.e. creepy)

There are times when he shares a geeky thought out loud

“Has anyone ever told you, that you look like an elf? You should play an elf! You should come over with the potential of doing some journalism and meet the casting director, they would put you in there. You’re built like an elf.”


and there are times when he does it to lighten up the atmosphere


More often than not though, his charisma just seeps out of it’s own accord and I’m not even sure he’s aware of it

So I could only really think of one instance when he “straight up” complimented someone, though it was quick as lightening

can you think of any times Richard has complimented someone, straight up?


10 thoughts on “Straight Up Now Tell Me

      1. Ha! I remember that when Richard found out those were Evangeline’s feet, he gasped, laughed and said: “She’s going to kill me!” ;D


  1. In Robin Hood extras, for the last episode of Series 01, he said (I just checked in RACentral because I only had a vague memory of it) “Lucy you look very good without any makeup on”. Some banter follows: “She told me to say that” – “I didn’t” etc.. Anyway I think it could pass as a straight up compliment. 😀
    BTW I loved the RH cast commentaries, it was very funny and it provided a lot of information too.

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    1. yes, that would definitely count as a straight up compliment! (Lucy was so pretty in RH 🙂 ) I didn’t realize RAcentral had the commentaries! (I assume you mean the transcripts?) I’ll have to take a look 😎


  2. He straight up complimented Benedict Cumberbatch in the 2013 round of the Cinemaxx interviews. Very directly. But I think the post raises an interesting question about the relationship between complimenting and flirting. I don’t think they are the same, or rather, complimenting can be a technique of flirting.


    1. yes. I often get teased for flirting when I compliment someone, when I truly am just complimenting. if I like your shirt, the change in your hairstyle, a certain point you raised in a conversation, etc. I’m going to tell you so. I’m not going to call someone “handsome” instead of their name though. I consider it flirting when I’m doing these things to gain the other person’s attention. they’re not necessarily going to be aware of the distinction, so I can see where this all might become murky :/ I should probably mention here that I’m generally clueless when someone is flirting with me. I think they’re just being nice, teasing in a friendly way, trying to make me blush b/c they think it’s funny, etc. so I’m probably not the best person to weigh in on this, LOL!


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