Nope Nope Nope

When Richard’s role as Francis Dolarhyde in the upcoming season of Hannibal was first announced, I was ambivalent.

seems he was serious about wanting to play the dragon
I guess he was serious about wanting to play the dragon


After reading up on the character I was uncertain that I would be able to dive into that kind of atmosphere as wholeheartedly as I might wish, due to my brain’s habit of over-thinking the psychological aspects of the storyline. I was right. After watching just two episodes of the series, the dreaded dreams did show up for an unwelcome visit.

off with you! you're not wanted here!
do not pass go. do not collect $200.


I turned to the original story in book form instead. I liked the feel of the book better than the television program (Will seemed less neurotic, for starters) but it opened me up to Francis in a way that was becoming uncomfortable, so I put that on the back burner as well.

I know you're there but I'm ignoring you.
I know you’re there but I’m ignoring you.


Then last week talk seemed to center around Francis again and it got me to thinking about the character, wondering if Richard’s portrayal would evoke sympathy from me and to what degree. And wouldn’t you know it, the dreams showed up again last night. One was dark but easy enough to push aside, the other though- not so much. It placed me in the role of Francis Dolarhyde, breaking into my real life house via the glass-cutting method, and concluding with the decision of where I should strike first: the children’s rooms or the master bedroom, where I could hear my own voice conversing with my husband behind the door…needless to say, I have been a jittery mess all day! This feeling of shadows jumping at my back was a constant in my life at one time; I am not enjoying the reunion.

I know some crazed killer is creeping around in the other room but I refuse to acknowledge his presence.
a crazed killer is creeping around in the other room but I refuse to acknowledge him.


So I think this is a clear indication that I will not be able to follow this particular role of Richard’s closely. And I’m bummed about that. I didn’t get to take part in The Crucible experience and now the thrill of Hannibal is going to pass me by as well.  I’ll still experience it through video clips and screen captures somewhat and Richard is bound to give interviews about it, along with the various posts and comments of fans sharing their reactions to it; I won’t be able to resist all of that! Maybe I can stay far enough removed from it to just enjoy it at face value? but, but, I love layers! *grumps* Here’s hoping that upcoming projects are more to my taste.


I know I’m not alone in sitting this one out. what will your approach be as the air date gets closer?


16 thoughts on “Nope Nope Nope

  1. I don’t plan to sit it out, UNLESS I should have dreams like you’ve described. That would not sit well with me at all, the idea of harming my family, and I’d have to drop Francis like a hot potato.


    1. I shouldn’t blame this all on “Red Dragon”, the recorded episode of “Gotham” I watched before bed probably had something to do with it (scaring people literally to death, removing their Adrenal Glands and using the natural chemical as a kind of live vaccination to combat fear…)


  2. Well you’re probably right. That episode of Gotham probably didn’t help much, but I can understand your dilemma. If The Red Dragon conjures up bad dreams/feelings then it’s a deal breaker, even with the draw of the curiosity of seeing Richard’s portrayal of the character. I haven’t watched the Hannibal series but I have read the book and seen the movie without any adverse affects. That’s not to say it didn’t creep me out. I just don’t have bad dreams. If it did I’d be taking a pass too. I am really fascinated to see Richard’s imagining and interpretation of this role to see what depth of layers he will unfold. I DO hope you will have the chance to see The Crucible when the download releases. It will move you deeply and break your heart but at least it won’t scare you.


    1. John Proctor will definitely break my heart! the themes of standing up for what you know is true and defending the self respect of your name, are things that are already important to me. place that within a small town setting with Richard portraying the lead and there is no choice for me- my passion for it will be strong 😎

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  3. I am totally addicted to this show. Mads Mikkelson is kind of mesmerizing in the role and is so different from Anthony Hopkins. Who I also love. And I loved Ralph Fiennes in the Red Dragon role, so I’m excited to see what Richard will do with it.

    And the tattoos. I’m excited for the tattoos. Why didn’t I ever think of being a film fake tattoo applier when I was looking for jobs??

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  4. I have very bad dreams at times and have woken up screaming and/or crying. I am not even considering watching Hannibal. I avoid any type of psychological thriller or shows with bloody violence. I am nervous that the twitter and tumblr feeds are going to become too gruesome for my taste.

    I am however, looking forward to the tattoo 😉


    1. I’m remaining optimistic that the average RA fan will not be focusing on the gore or violence. The Golden Hour has some bloody parts in it but we never see them in relation to Alec, and some parts of Strike Back (and Spooks too) can be rather violent but those parts are hardly mentioned let alone celebrated.


  5. Ha ha ha My thoughts exactly! I won’t be able to watch the show either. I would have horrible night mares as well.
    I’m hoping for good pics and fan vids

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  6. oh I’m so sorry about the bad dreams 😦 that is a total nono and i can totally understand why you wouldn’t want that to happen again. I’m lucky in a way that whatever i dream in more than 95% of cases i just don’t remember, thankfully. But the book left me feeling very angry and frustrated and so did S1 of the series. I was hoping the book would change my mind but i have the same issues i had with the series itself in parts. And it wasn’t even Dolarhyde himself as we kind of knew enough to expect what was coming. I’m interested in his portrayal, or at least in some aspects of it but not really a fan of either book or series. Shrugs 🙂
    What i am curious about, mostly out of context because in context it is really creepy, is that tattoo 🙂


      1. uhh many things, i want to try and express those in words and make a post of it hopefully. It’s not to do with Dolarhyde in particular although i found some things irritating there too. But i guess a lot of it may also be down to the time the book was written in. Today it would be less cliché i’d like to think. Some of the premises of the book irritate me and it turned out to be the same things that irritated me in the series too, mostly to do with Will. I was hoping that particular set up would change for S2 but unfortunately the book continues the same principles which is disappointing. There is a whiff of Frankenstein/monster chemistry there that annoys me.


  7. Your comments about Richard’s new character is very interesting. As soon as I knew that he will play a serial killer I was interested but then, when I knew a little bit more (apparently too much violence and blood for me) I was a little disappointed and I ask to myself : to see or not to see Hannibal ? The answer came a few second after. Yes. Because HE will be this serial killer and because… nothing else. Yes even if I have to put my hands before my eyes, even if I will be obliged to turn my head sometimes. Always yes. I don’t want to read the book. I prefer to be surprised (even badly). I am so interesting to see how he will be able to give some “humanity” to this “devil” and I am sure he will be absolutely fantastic as usually. I remember he said during an interview that he will never accept to play in a movie with zombies because too much blood so I trust him and I hope this will be more psychological than horror (always sorry for my English but I was happy to share with you my thinking).


    1. your English is perfectly fine 🙂 and I’m glad you shared your thoughts b/c they really did mirror mine out the outset. then I had to be all curious and watch a few episodes of the show without him being in it yet and then read the book and…it didn’t work out so well :/ I really do want to watch his episodes for all the reasons you stated. I don’t know, maybe his won’t be that bad? we’ll have to wait and see.


  8. I’ll watch it, even though I know I’ll have nightmares. Proctor gave me nightmares (very nasty nightmares) and all I ever saw were bits & pieces of that. (The full download will probably keep me up.) It’s the psychological aspects of Dolarhyde that interest me and I want to see how Richard portrays them. I read the book and saw the movie with Ralph Fiennes; I felt more pity for Dolarhyde than anything else – no revulsion, no terror, no anger, just sorrow and pity for him.

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    1. I didn’t see the movie and I only made it part way through the book, but I *do* have a habit of making things bigger than they have to be 🙄 there was a time I thought I might actually get to see John Proctor in person, and I was a little nervous about it. not b/c it was Richard but b/c the story is so heavy and I didn’t know to what extent it would drain me, emotionally. I’m still looking forward to seeing it on download but I’ve had more than enough time to prepare for it; who knows? maybe I’ll end up doing the same with Dolarhyde 🙂


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