The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

As I continue to try and curb my curiosity about Richard’s upcoming role in Hannibal, I’m trying to remind myself of the other projects we will be seeing him in soon.


Seedy Chop in Urban & the Shed Crew



Mysterious sleep doc Scott White in Sleepwalker



John Proctor in Digital Theatre’s download version of The Crucible



and the unnamed cameo in the Alice in Wonderland sequel: Through the Looking Glass, as well as the two different projects with Irish filming locations that have been mentioned in interviews.

call me Paddy. one more time.
call me Paddy one. more. time.


The announcement of new projects and the detective work that follows are like puzzle pieces that we fit together through behind-the-scenes film shots and snippets of interview mentions. this is one of the many things that makes following an actor’s flourishing career fun and exciting! but the lulls in new information and the anticipation of actually seeing the final product can draw out sometimes.

Dr. Scott‘s third leg: fact or myth? inquiring minds want to know


So as I wait for The Crucible download to arrive and new info about the intriguing Sleepwalker to appear, I find myself itching to revisit Richard’s older work. Lent starts today- maybe in addition to giving up drinking pop everyday, I should also tack on a massive Richard Armitage marathon? 40 days of RA! I’m sure it could be worked into a bible study somehow: The Armitage Driven Life? The Richard I never knew? Armitage from the backside?


*just me being silly, no sacrilege intended. we’d all ace those studies though, just sayin’.


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