He’s a Keeper!

I’m an addictive note-taker. I’m constantly jotting down thoughts and ideas, quotes, random facts, etc. It’s funny sometimes when I go back through my notebooks, trying to decipher what I meant or why I thought something was important enough to write down.

did you write this ode to my hair?
did you write this ode to my hair?

The other day I came across a folder from my Christian Bale days. First, it was odd because I had actual pages from magazines and newspapers that I had stashed in there for keepsakes- everything is online and bookmarked nowadays.

do you have a magazine stash, Guy?
do you have a magazine stash, Guy?

and second, because I had some notes to myself about how to perform certain functions on the fan-forum I frequented back then. I had written out in detail how to save a photo and post it on the forum, how to use the quote button, how to bookmark something;  things I can do without a second thought now.

URL, IMG...don't you think you should be writing this down?
URL, IMG…maybe you should be writing this down

While most people would just Google those things, I didn’t know about the wonders of search engines. So I spent forever looking through back posts in the technical section of the forum instead. What? I could have just asked someone, you say? but then they would know I didn’t know what I was doing!

I don't think I can be with someone who can't plaster my face on every visible surface
I don’t think I can be with someone who can’t plaster my face on every visible surface

I don’t have that problem anymore, I just admit that I don’t know and ask-it saves so much time! unlike my prefaces….

RA dla TheAnglophileChannel-teaser-1

something that I also found in those notes was how to make a signature on the forum and what I wanted mine to consist of, including my choices for “The Keepers List”. A Keepers List is a fun little thing that fans do where they chose particular belongings or attributes of a character (or the actor himself) that they want to be the guardian of.

if you want Paul's socks, you're going to have to go through me!
if you want Paul’s socks, you’re going to have to go through me!

So for example, my three choices for Christian Bale were: Trevor’s Post It notes, Dieter’s mirror, and Christian’s furrowed brow. Trevor was a character from the movie “The Machinist”, which dealt with a man who didn’t know what was reality and what wasn’t so he left notes to guide himself- something I could definitely see myself doing!

I have the biggest sword of all the Dwarves? HOLA!
I have the biggest sword of all the Dwarves? HOLA!

Dieter was a character from the movie “Rescue Dawn” which was about a prisoner in a war camp, the small mirror playing an important part in his survival.

Nori is envious
Nori looks like he could use a mirror. just sayin’.

and I think anyone who has seen Christian Bale in interviews or photoshoots has noticed that he often furrows his brow while thinking or answering a question, so my last choice reflects my fondness for that habit.

furrowed brow, you say?
furrowed brow, you say?

So if we applied a Keeper’s List to Richard, what would you choose to be the guardian of?


Ricky Deeming’s black leather jacket perhaps?


Mulligan’s swing at the playground?



Richard’s backpack?



Let’s share our choices in the comments- it’s first come first served, so try not to repeat picks and let’s limit it to three choices per person. My picks are going to be:


Harry’s red scarf



Guy’s sideburns



and Richard’s stride


Okay, Your Turn!



24 thoughts on “He’s a Keeper!

      1. Lol i thought you’d want me to wax romantically about the nose 😉 I love the shirt because it is an instrument of work and represents Proctor. I loved it’s dark and dusted colour, the many patches around the shoulders and elbows… That shirt told a life story 🙂 But i also liked it’s soft texture, the open neck revealing less than it was hiding and yes the way it clung to his damp back after he washed himself and dress himself back almost in a hurry. I like it when costume pieces are comfortable to act in and that looked the part but at the same time are very natural and representative of the character 🙂 The fact that it was so patchy and worn and seemingly old and made not with any aesthetics in mind made the man wearing it appear strong and masculinely beautiful at the same time 🙂

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  1. That beautiful baritone voice. The chest hair that peeks out from his open collar (when he’s not waxing) and also I have a real thing for Thorin’s braids, beads and all!

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Since I am too late to claim his voice (I’m not surprised at all it’s already taken Lol), I’ll go for his long legs, the right tilt of the head he does so often, and Guy’s cloak in RH series 1.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I am lost, everything I love about him (voice, hair, hands…) are already kept. I add three other things of my mind : when he is drinking water during interviews (so sexy), his hand taking his pencil when he is signing authographs (so sexy) and finally his face when he says “thank you” which his eyes and smile and all his heart (takes my breath away).

    Liked by 2 people

    1. you just have to find the loopholes 😉 take what you love about Richard but disguise it as one of his characters instead. so claim the voice of a certain character, hands of a certain character, etc. but the ones you mentioned are good all on their own, especially the writing!


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