Here We Go Again

Music & More Challenge

35.) movie/episode you’ve watched twice in one sitting

Take a wild guess on that one…

The Vicar of Dibley: the handsome stranger
The Vicar of Dibley: the handsome stranger

I get distracted and so I go back to watch a second time for the actual story. things I get distracted by:


the stripey sweater and the way Harry says “well, there you go”


that whole “hint of softness underneath” bit


that cute little barrette in Geraldine’s hair


the glasses


the configuration of those cottages


how cute and stylish Rosie is


everything about the dream sequence


how the awkwardness clashes with that wallpaper


the way Harry clasps his hands while kissing Geraldine


I get distracted by much more but that’s enough for now!

music question:  a song you listen to twice in a row

Sort Of by Ingrid Michaelson

the lyrics always end up distracting me from the song as a whole. they are apt for me in many ways.


And if I was stronger then I would tell you no
if I was stronger then I would leave this show
And if I was stronger then I would up and go
But here I am and here we go again

so I come back and listen to the song a second time because it really is a nice sounding song all on it’s own.


6 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. Also, Harry Jasper Kennedy’s jeans are nearly as perfect as the ones worn by John Porter. You know the ones…

    The scene with Harry informing Geraldine of her ‘debt’ is one of the most adorable scenes ever put on film.

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  2. sigh, stripy sweaters 🙂 something really sweet about them. And i’m a repeat listener of many things which is why listening to music i love while doing something else doesn’t work very much as i just stop what i am doing to listen again 😉


    1. I listen to music while doing housework or exercising, etc. but if I start listening too closely to the lyrics, then I too stop what I’m doing and it takes twice as long to accomplish! I have a hard time not listening to the lyrics though. when I’m listening to my son’s music with him(hip-hop) I always make fun of the lyrics. sometimes they are so ridiculous that I crack up laughing! he always rolls his eyes and says, “Mom, no one listens to the words.” well maybe you should, son 🙄


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